Adventures in Gratitude in Southern Africa

Adventures in Gratitude in Southern Africa

We are so excited to have a guest post from our friends at Generations of Adventure. They are a mother-daughter traveling duo, like us, just different generations than our family. We love following their adventures as they inspire our future bucket list. Most importantly, their motivation and appreciation of travel is similar to ours. I hope you enjoy their story on Southern Africa as much as we did.

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Travel Blogger Certified Family Travel Destinations Your Kids Will Love

best family travel destinations

For us the start of the new year means planning our travel for the coming year. Based on our experiences from 2017, as well as fellow family travel bloggers whom we respect and admire here’s our round up of not-to-miss family travel destinations for 2018. You will also find tips on what to do and how to make the most of your time at that destination. There’s bound to be a destination or two in our round up that you hadn’t thought of and will now be inspired to visit. Continue reading “Travel Blogger Certified Family Travel Destinations Your Kids Will Love”

Must-Do Colorado Rocky Mountain Attractions for the Family in 2018

Colorado Rocky Mountain Attractions

The end of 2017 saw the premiere of several new Colorado Rocky Mountain attractions for the family. We haven’t made it out to check these fun family activities out in person yet. But they are all on our list for early 2018. From new alpine coasters to thrill rides and ice castles, there’s sure to be something on this list for every member of your family. Want to know where we are headed this month in Colorado? Here are our top picks!

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How to Prevent Altitude Sickness on Your Ski Vacation

How to prevent altitude sickness on ski vacation

You’ve booked your dream ski vacation and taken care of every detail. Even if all of the arrangements are made and you have all the equipment that you need, there is one detail you might still be missing. Altitude sickness can range from uncomfortable symptoms to a serious health condition. The very most important thing you can do to prepare for your ski trip is to take steps to prevent altitude sickness.

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iPhone X Review

Okay, I don’t do this often. That is to give a product a review. In fact, this is a first. After all we are about travel and experiences not materialism. But after a bit of research I discovered that if I purchased a new phone through VirginMobile I could not only get a $200 gift card but also 6 months at $1 per month of unlimited phone, texting and data. Right off the bat with eliminating my current phone service of $120 per month that almost paid for a new iPhone X which I’ve been coveting for the camera abilities.

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Holidays in Vail

Holidays in Vail. Photo courtesy Vail Resorts.

I have made Vail, Colorado my hometown by choice. And, the holidays in Vail is one of the reasons. Vail is truly an alpine winter wonderland with lights twinkling in the snow covered pine trees all winter long. With majestic snow covered mountains, bountiful outdoor activities and creative culinary offerings Vail has something for everyone.

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Four Colorado Thanksgiving Getaways for Relaxation

Thanksgiving really marks the start of ski season in Colorado. And, what better opportunity to escape the cooking and cleaning and getaway to a ski resort for some turns on the hill? Thanksgiving dinner made easy is the icing on the cake. It is a good time to head to a ski resort because prices are lower and the hill isn’t as crowded.  But it is also a good time to head to other Colorado areas that aren’t known for skiing. They all can provide an easy Thanksgiving with or without extended family. Most have some really fun value add ons as a part of their Colorado Thanksgiving packages.

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Gateway Canyons Resort | Palisade Ranch Horseback Riding

Thanksgiving buffet dinner at Gateway Canyons.

In my youth I could have been described as horse crazy. I took riding lessons twice a week, subscribed to a variety of horse magazines. I even spent three weeks at a horseback riding camp in Wales. These days I don’t often get the opportunity to ride horses. So when planning an anniversary celebration at Gateway Canyons Resort and the opportunity to partake in Palisade Ranch horseback riding presented itself, I jumped. Our timing was perfect. The foliage in Gateway, Colorado was just starting to peak. The bright orange and red fall colors of the area are spectacular.

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A Day of Fun History in Leadville, Colorado

Last week I had the pleasure of chaperoning a class of fourth graders on a tour of Leadville, Colorado. I have driven through Leadville many, many times. It is a charming town with old colorful Victorian buildings with a rich history and spectacular views. This visit was an extra special treat as we had most of the day to tour the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum, Matchless Mine and the Healy House. I knew that Leadville had a rich history but had no idea how interesting it really was.

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