A Day at Epic Discovery Vail

In Vail we have a saying that, “We moved here for the winter, but stayed because of the summers.” With sunny days, cool evenings and more outdoor recreation and culture that you could imagine it really is a spectacular place to be in the summertime. And, it gets better every year. Last June I had the fortune to attend the grand opening of Epic Discovery Vail. Many of the key legislators and government agencies that were integral to making it possible gave their thoughts at the ribbon cutting. I managed to sneak in a ride on the Forest Flyer (alpine coaster) and tubing hill before heading back to the office that day. This summer we made it a family outing.

Scenic Gondola Ride

There really is something for everyone of all ages at Epic Discovery Vail. Of course the gondola ride up is itself spectacular. There is something peaceful and serene about floating slowly through the air up a mountain while watching the green ski slopes, Aspen and pine trees go by, surrounded by mountain peaks.

The gondola ride up to Epic Discovery Vail is spectacular. with the green ski slopes, trees going by and surrounded by mountain peaks.

Once you arrive at the top of Vail Mountain, the hardest decision will be what to do first. From speeding down the mountain on the Forest Flyer or tubing hill, zooming through the air on a zip line, to testing your bravery on one of the ropes courses there is something for kids and adults of all ages.

Nature Discovery Center at Epic Discovery

The Epic Discovery Nature Discovery Center features an array of wildlife exhibits and artifacts.
Our preschooler enjoyed playing with the fake animal scat at the nature center.

Located in a yurt atop Vail Mountain, the Nature Discovery Center, run by Walking Mountains, features an array of wildlife exhibits and artifacts. This was the highlight for my 11-month-old nephew. He crawled around checking out plastic animal scat, animal puppets and stuffed animals. There was so much to touch and see that was just at his level. The 3 and 4-year-olds enjoyed puzzles, puppets and binoculars. Plus, it was a great place to cool off.

Pine Cone Adventure Course

The Epic Discovery Pinecone Adventure course will test the bravery of little first-timers.
The Epic Discovery Pinecone Adventure course will test the bravery of little first-timers.

Our kids who are four and eight-years-old started off on the Pine Cone Adventure Course. Our eight-year-old had done this a couple of times in the past and breezed through it two or three times while it really tested our four-year-old’s bravery. Balancing on, for the first time, ropes, logs and bridges that seemed to be shaking a handful of feet of the ground was scary. He had reason to be proud of himself when he completed the course.

Marmot Mini Tubing

View from the top of Eagle's Nest Summer Tubing.
View from the top of Eagle’s Nest Summer Tubing.

The kids moved on to do many, many rounds on the Marmot Mini Tubing. This was really fun for both of them though our eight-year-old probably would have found the Eagle’s Nest Summer Tubing a bit more exciting.

Bungee Trampoline

Our eight-year-old really enjoyed doing flips on the Bungee Trampoline, which she has had the opportunity to bounce on many times in the past.

Forest Flyer Alpine Slide

We had Little Explorer passes for the kids which does not include the Forest Flyer Alpine Slide, so sadly we didn’t get to ride the alpine slide this visit. In my opinion the Forest Flyer is probably the most fun ride at Epic Discovery, though many other activities are more challenging.

I would highly recommend that your summer family trip to Vail at the very least include a ride up the gondola!

Your Vail summer family vacation really needs to include a ride up the gondola for the views!
Your Vail summer family vacation really needs to include a ride up the gondola for the views!

What to Know Before You Go:

  • The Ultimate Adventure Pass includes an adult ride along for a child who too small to ride on their own. But not vice versa. If you are taking young kids up and aren’t too concerned about doing the activities yourself, you might want to forgo purchasing the Ultimate Adventure Pass for yourself. Purchase it for the kids instead. Then you you will able to ride it with them as many times as you like. Of course, if budget isn’t an issue then I’d recommend buying the Ultimate Adventure pass for everyone.
  • Bring water, sunscreen and snacks. You may not think of Vail as hot, but the sun shines down brightly around midday at that altitude. I brought a Camelbak which I found as the easiest way to carry water and anything else we needed. There is a restaurant where food and drinks are available for sale at a premium.
  • Arrive early. It can get hot so I recommend riding up as soon as the lifts open and taking a walk around while waiting for Epic Discovery to open. Get you bearings, take in the views and make a plan.
  • Kids do ride the gondola free with a paying adult.

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  1. I love the pictures of the kids having fun – what a wonderful place. My big question: What is “scat”? That is the first time I have seen it used in a context other than music.

  2. I’m so close to Colorado and haven’t been yet 🙁 It’s so hard to juggle vacation days with work. But it’s definitely on my list and it looks beautiful from your pictures. And Epic Discovery Vail looks perfect for kids to get adventurous at as well! #FlyAwayFriday

  3. So happy to have found your blog! What beautiful scenery. We are visiting Colorado (for the first time)in a few weeks and again in October. I don’t know that we will make it to Vail yet, but definitely tucking it away for the future. Love the expression about Winters and staying for the summer! So neat!

  4. That looks like SO much fun! I love that you always immerse your children in nature – so important. I love gondola rides and the view looks beautiful! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday! Hope to see you again this week. xo

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