What Family Vacation is All About: Joy, Delight, Awe, Peace & Inspiration

As we embarked upon this journey of family travel blogging, I envisioned writing about things to do and places to see, something of a guide. But as we enjoy our first true family beach vacation, I realize that what is important is not what you do and see but the small moments, and all of the firsts. Being a parent can be trying and tiring but there are many joys too. One of those joys is seeing things through the eyes of your children, and many times that means having the unique opportunity to experience something again for the first time. This is what travel gives our children, the awe of first-time experiences.

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Vail Easter Events 2017

Easter is a fun time for families living in and visiting Vail and the surrounding areas. Vail Mountain is still open for skiing, yet flowers have started blooming. From Vail Easter sunrise services and Easter egg hunts, visits with the Easter bunny to delicious brunches there is something for everyone up and down the Vail Valley. Here’s our 2017 Vail Easter Activity Roundup. Continue reading “Vail Easter Events 2017”

Round Up of St Simons Family Activities & More

We are planning a  St Simons family vacation for April. St Simons Island is one of the islands known as the Golden Isles on the coast of Georgia. My husband & I have been to St. Simons Island before, but our last visit was pre-kids. So, I am spending lots of pleasurable time researching the St Simons family activities that we might want to do, other than enjoy the beach and sunsets. Here is a round up of blog posts that we have found inspiring and useful in our planning.

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Full Moon Snowshoe Treks to Dinner

The Vail Valley and surrounding area has no shortage of snowshoe trails. From groomed trails at the Vail Nordic Center and Tennessee Pass to the many hiking trails on Meadow Mountain, Vail and Beaver Creek Mountains to guided snowshoe hikes from Walking Mountains, anyone of almost any age or ability can get out and enjoy mountain vistas via snowshoes. But, as someone who loves food almost as much as getting outdoors, I believe that at least once a winter you should plan a full moon snowshoe outing to dinner. If your kids are old enough (12+ or very athletic) it would be fun to do this as a family, but if not, get out and do it with some girlfriends or your significant other.

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Traveling with Kids is Fun – or Not

Following is a guest blog post by the grand matriarch of Insider Families, Lavelle Carlson. She shares her experiences as an expat traveling with kids, managing fears and handling of circumstances that could not have been foreseen. Some of these memories were recently brought back during a visit with her grandchildren in snowy Colorado. She doesn’t know this yet, but we are anticipating another post to come from her soon on travels to Kenya with kids and missing luggage. Perhaps after that she will tell us about chaperoning a group of kids back from a summer camp in Switzerland immediately following a visit to a Swiss chocolate factory where there was no limitation on the amount of chocolate the kids could consume. Continue reading “Traveling with Kids is Fun – or Not”

Introducing Friends – Tracey Flower – Bright Stars Big Mountains

Last month I was inspired to start a “Meet a Travel Blogger” series by a new friend, Kana Imamura. This month I decided it was a great opportunity to feature a dear friend, Tracey Flower who writes at Bright Stars Big Mountains. I’ve known her for 6 or 7 years, and have always enjoyed reading her blog. Honest and heartfelt are two adjectives that come to mind when I think about her writing. I am looking forward to having her back in Colorado and I hope you enjoy getting to know her! Continue reading “Introducing Friends – Tracey Flower – Bright Stars Big Mountains”

Yummy Chocolate Banana Waffles

Just as I am not crafty, I am also not much of a chef. But, I can and do bake when I have time. All you have to do is follow a recipe. It is cheaper and you can make almost anything much healthier than buying the same thing at the store. I keep all the basics in our pantry and sometimes come up with my own versions of a recipe, such as these yummy chocolate banana waffles we concocted this weekend.

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Indoor Water Park? You bet! Great Wolf Lodge Comes to Colorado.

A few months ago my husband told me that an indoor water park was coming to Colorado. I had never heard of Great Wolf Lodge and honestly the idea was a bit confounding. When I think of water parks, I think of Schlitterbahn in Texas, which sits on 70 acres. How could you possibly put that indoors? Well, you can’t, but you can still have the best of a water park inside, as Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs showed us this weekend.

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Making New Friends – Kana Imamura – Life in Wanderlust

I’ve been spending more time lately travel blogging and am really enjoying it. One of the things that I am unexpectedly enjoying the most is getting to know other travel bloggers and reading about and seeing beautiful photos of their adventures. I made a new, talented friend the other day, Kana Imamura,  who has a fabulous blog, Life in Wanderlust, and an even more amazing Instagram account. In 2015, Kana decided to walk away from her corporate life and do what makes her heart happy: wander, discover and travel. What could be more inspiring than that?!

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