Round Up of St Simons Family Activities & More

We are planning a  St Simons family vacation for April. St Simons Island is one of the islands known as the Golden Isles on the coast of Georgia. My husband & I have been to St. Simons Island before, but our last visit was pre-kids. So, I am spending lots of pleasurable time researching the St Simons family activities that we might want to do, other than enjoy the beach and sunsets. Here is a round up of blog posts that we have found inspiring and useful in our planning.

Either my friend is an exceptional photographer, or there is no shortage of beautiful scenes on St Simons Island. Photo by Deb Luginbuhl.

As a side note, I somewhat recently entered this world of travel blogging within the past year and have been learning so much. My “real” job is that of a hospitality professional and as such often evaluate blogger requests. It is so interesting to now also be on the other side, as well as a traveling family researching our trips. As I research a destination, I do think about how much I trust an outlet and how they may be influenced. Travel bloggers and mom bloggers have a very important place in my research process. Of course, I may use established sites such as TripAdvisor to help finalize which hotel will become our home for that trip, but I get my inspiration and ideas of activities and overall impression of what the experience will be like mostly from blogs. So, a big thank you to these bloggers who have provided some wonderful inspiration for our impending family vacation to St Simons Island.

Sunset on St Simons Island
Sunset on St Simons Island. Photo by Deb Luginbuhl.

St Simons Island: An Insider’s Guide to Stay, Eat and Play by Sue Rodman

This article took slightly more digging to find than the first couple of pages of a handful of Google searches and was by far the most comprehensive article I’ve read yet on activities, restaurants and places to stay on St Simons Island. The author has clearly spent a lot of time there and knows her way around St Simons. I don’t know that I am convinced that we want to play Foot Golf, but it was fun to learn of a new unique regional sport. And, she certainly convinced me of a couple of restaurants that we must now try. She had more good feedback on and reinforcement of the St Simons Island family activities that we should do. Our whole family likes to bike and it just seems like the perfect way to explore the island whether picnicking, searching for tree spirits or visiting the lighthouse or Neptune Park. Thanks to 365 Atlanta Family for this one!

8 Things to See and Do on St. Simon’s Island by Roni Singleton Jeter

The lighthouse has been on the list of things to see on our St Simons Island family vacation from the start.

Of course I knew of the couple of activities on this list. The lighthouse, trolley tours and Neptune Park have been on our list for a while. But I was excited to hear about the Beach Bum store selling shells. We plan on hunting for sea shells, but I also thought they would make a fun souvenir for our daughter to bring back to her friends. So, if we can’t locate enough on our own now I know where to go. I was also aware of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, but the article just reinforced that this was something to make sure makes the list. Thanks to Macaroni Kid for this.

10 Free Activities To Do with Kids in the Golden Isles from the Golden Isles CVB

This one is from the Golden Isles Visitors Center, so not truly a blogger. But I found the information on the different beaches and parks very helpful. I was also excited to again read about the tree spirits. This might really be something memorable for the kiddos. Thanks to the Golden Isles CVB for this one.

15 Amazing Things To Do With Kids On The Georgia Coast by 365 Atlanta Family

This article by 365 Atlanta Family was where I first heard of the tree spirits. The tip of going to Driftwood Beach at low tide is a good one. I don’t know that I would have considered timing. I also think it would be fun for the kids to see dolphins. We’ll have to look a little closer at Cap Fendig Dolphin tour. The article has some great info on parks and spots to stop for an ice cream treat. Thanks to 365 Atlanta Family for this one.

St Simons with Kids : Stay. Eat. Do. by Bambini Travel

We will be visiting St Simon Island before summer so it was nice to be reassured that fun could be had any time of the year. And, a few recommendations for kid-friendly dining options were welcomed. Thank to Bambini Travel for this one.

Easter Activities on or Near St Simon Island

We will just happen to be on St Simon Island Easter Sunday and our kids were worried that the Easter bunny wouldn’t be able to find them so it was nice to discover several fun Easter activities including the annual Easter Egg Stroll on Jekyll Island and a kid-friendly Easter Brunch at King & Prince.

Do you have recommendations for family activities on St. Simons Island?

I am most looking forward to sinking my toes into the sand while the kids build sand castles or play in the waves. Photo by Deb Luginbuhl.

Have you visited St Simon Island with your family? Is there anything we missed in our research? We are looking forward to reporting back as to what we enjoyed most. Of course, I know that of all the fun things there will be to do on St Simons Island, I am most looking forward to sinking my toes into the sandy beach and watching the kids build sand castles while listening to the sounds of the waves crash onto the beach.








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