9 Best Gifts for Kids Who Love to Cook

If you follow any of our travel adventures, you may know that we love to experience different cultures through food. Our daughter has a love of the culinary arts, among other arts. Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of our favorite destinations because of this. An upcoming trip to Costa Rica will likely include a cooking class and chocolate tour. Food is a great way to get to know people, and to understand their culture. Thus the past two gift occasions our daughter has received a stand mixer and instant pot. So, we have an idea of the best gifts for kids who love to cook.

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” ~Anthony Bourdain

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If you are wondering what to get an outdoorsy girl, you’ve come to the right place. In all honesty, this list is comprised of items that I’ve either splurged on myself or are on the list of things that I want.

Whether your outdoorsy woman likes to river camp, or just take in the stars, we have fun gifts ideas that are sure to delight!

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Have an aspiring young chef in your family? Here are a few gifts for kids who enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen creating their masterpieces. Whether they are just getting started or are more experienced, kids will love these fun cooking gifts. Many of these are also excellent Christmas gifts for teens, or tweens. Here’s our 9 best gifts for kids who love to cook!

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Curious Chef 30-Piece Chef Caddy Collection

This collection has everything a young chef needs and includes a handy tool caddy with a rotating nonslip base for easy storage. What’s included in the collection: pizza cutter, rolling pin, measuring cups, spoons and more. All the tools are dishwasher safe, recyclable and BPA free. This is an aspiring baker’s dream!

Cooking Class with 52 Fun Recipes

The Cooking Class recipe book allows kids to take over the kitchen and helps teach basic cooking techniques in a kid-friendly language that’s easy for them to understand. The recipes are fairly easy and full of fresh, healthy ingredients to inspire young chefs.

3-Piece Nylon Kitchen Knife Set

Made from premium nylon materiel the knives have nonslip handles and a serrated edge for precision cutting of lettuce, salad, cheese or bread. There are three knives included in the set (large, medium and small), each with a different color. These are great for kids just getting comfortable with cutting. Even our six-year old likes to jump in and help out just to get to use these.

Adjustable Chef Apron

Kids can be an official chef with these adjustable chef aprons. The set includes 4 different colored aprons. Each have a pocket on the apron (for small toys, candies, a paint brush). The aprons are ideal for for cooking, science projects, decorating or any other messy activity.

Bakery Equipment and Tool Set

A large starter baking kit that has everything a child needs to enhance their cooking and baking stills. This deluxe starter kit includes 39 pieces for kids to create their own cooking masterpieces. The kit is perfect for those just starting out or even those who have more practice. From a flower shaker to egg separators, kids receive everything they need to get started. Even an electronic scale, hand mixer, and non-stick pans are included in the set.

Wavy Chopper Set

Great for kids, the Wavy Chopper Set includes 4 different colored wavy choppers and is perfect for preparing and cutting crinkle-cut carrots, cucumbers, potatoes or other small vegetables. The easy grip and comfortable handle will help keep their little fingers safe and away from the blade. This one even has the added bonus of making vegetables fun!

MasterChef Junior Pizza Cooking Set

This pizza making kit comes with a wood pizza board, personal pizza pan, a plastic pizza cutter, and a sauce ladle. The set also features 3 unique pizza recipe cards for all levels of experience and a blank recipe card so children can create their own pizza recipe.

Cooking Tongs

A set of 3 cooking tongs, available in a variety of different colors, with stainless steel construction and top grade silicone heads that are heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. These tongs make for great stocking stuffers.

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

Young chefs will enjoy this book full of kid-friendly and kid-tested recipes. Kids will love using the step-by-step photos, with tips and techniques included, to create their breakfast, snacks, desserts, or dinner recipes.

The Gifts that Give Back

While a child appreciates a gift that they love, an even better feeling comes from giving back. We don’t do it often enough. But we do make an effort to share the foods produced using these culinary gifts. A KitchenAid Stand Mixer was our daughter’s big Christmas present last year. She’s used the mixer to make cookies and then delivered those freshly-baked cookies to the senior center in our neighborhood. Find a way to share the food produced with these gifts for kids who love to good for a real impact!

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Have an aspiring young chef in your family? Here are a few gifts for kids who love to cook and enjoy being in the kitchen creating their masterpieces. These also make for great Christmas gifts for teens! #kidswhocook #kidswhobake

Do you have a child who loves to cook? What have you done to encourage that culinary interest? Any cooking or baking gift ideas you would add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

Have an aspiring young chef in your family? Here are a few gifts for kids who love to cook and enjoy being in the kitchen creating their masterpieces. These also make for great Christmas gifts for teens! #kidswhocook #kidswhobake Have an aspiring young chef in your family? Here are a few gifts for kids who love to cook and enjoy being in the kitchen creating their masterpieces. These also make for great Christmas gifts for teens! #kidswhocook #kidswhobake
9 Best Gifts for Kids Who Love to Cook

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