Almost Essential Travel Tech for Families

We like to try to be a low tech family. Generally we spend a lot of time out in nature. Many of our vacations revolve around outdoor activities. But every once in a while we take a trip that requires long travel days. And, then technology plays a part in keeping everyone entertained. Find out our favorite travel tech for families!

Travel is wonderful in so many ways. From experiencing different cultures, expanding horizons and building empathy it is an important experience to give your children. But, wow, can it be hard too! We can all get grumpy when tired, hungry, or just our of our routines. But especially children. We find that there are some items of travel tech for families that can help us manage our kids on especially trying travel days.

From the most obvious to a few things you may not have heard of here’s the best travel tech for families.


While we do limit screen time at home, we do find tablets an essential travel tech item for our family.

At home, we try to teach our children to manage screen time, particularly on their tablets. But on travel days those limits get thrown out the window. We like iPads for several reasons. Apple is the best with privacy. And, also offers excellent parental control options. But iPads are much more expensive that other options. We have also used Amazon Fires and even had the Freetime subscription that also has parental controls.

Tablet Cases

Tablet cases are necessary for kids. I can’t tell you how many times they have saved our kids’ devices. There are lots of inexpensive models that will simply do a great job of protecting the device. But then there are higher end models that can transform an iPad into a computer when the case includes a wireless keyboard.


wireless headphones
Sennheiser’s New MOMENTUM Wireless reproduces the balanced depth and precision of studio-quality sound with comfort and ease.

Tablets wouldn’t be quite so useful on the airplane without headphones. We’ve had several sets throughout the years starting with ones made for kids. Now our oldest uses headphones at school also so her needs are a bit more sophisticated. Sennheiser’s M3 Momentum Wireless headphones have all kinds of great features making listening to superior sound truly seamless. The On/Off and Smart Pause functionality saves battery life. 3 Modes offer varying noise cancellation from Maximum Mode Cancellation for airplane use to Anti Pressure Mode with softer noise cancellation for at-home use. The soft earpads and headband are icing on the cake.

Headphone Splitter

It is bound to happen. Someone doesn’t charge their device. Or, they don’t download movies to the device, and then there’s no internet access. Now one child has a device, and the other doesn’t. The easy solution is to keep a headphone splitter handy. Voila, now the two kiddos can both use the same device.

Power Bank

Same problem as above but different solution. One child doesn’t charge their device and runs our of battery, now they can get additional life out of it. I have a couple of power banks that I carry in my bag. They’ve come in most useful while camping or when a background app drains my phone power quickly.

Power Strip with Multiple USB Plugs

We even use these USB power strips at home. It is a great way to collect all of the family’s devices to charge in one place. Most are compact and travel easy. The one that we use at home we actually purchased to bring o our Disney Cruise. Most properties that have been upgraded recently have accounted for multiple devices. But that is not always going to be the case.

Langogo Translator

Do you travel internationally to destinations where you don’t speak the language? If so, you’ve probably found yourself in the situation of trying to translate on your phone. Langogo offers an even better solution. Its hot spot offers online two-way translation of 105 languages in one second with only one button. In addition, its hot spot can help you locate hotels, attractions to visit, as well as weather forecasts for your destination.

Kids GPS Watch

As a child I once got lost in Copenhagen. It was a scary few minutes for both me and my parents. Wow, has technology changed so many things now! A GPS watch for your child is something you might want to think about for travel in crowded destinations. It can be hard to keep an eye on fast kids. And, while you’d not want to have to use it for that purpose, it sure would be nice to have if it happened.

Bluetooth Speaker

Does your family camp? Do you have kids who like music, or just want to have an impromptu dance party? A bluetooth speaker might be right up your alley. We have a couple. One specifically for our daughter to use in the shower. And, we also have the Altec Lansing bluetooth speaker which we love for camping and really any other outdoor use.

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Wondering how to keep kids entertained and minimize sibling arguments on long travel days? Check out our favorite travel tech for families!

Wondering how to keep kids entertained and minimize sibling arguments on long travel days? Check out our favorite travel tech for families!

Have we left any essential travel tech for families off of our list? Let us know in the comments below!

Almost Essential Travel Tech for Families

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