Best Star Wars Gifts for 2021

If you know us, you know that our family loves Star Wars.So I always have my eye our for unique Star Wars gifts whether for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion.

One of the many Star Wars movies are featured for our Friday movie night. We chose a Disney Cruise based on the Star Wars Day at Sea. We made a second trip to Florida’s Disney World specifically because we wanted to check out Star Wars Land shortly after it opened. When gift giving opportunities roll around, I am always on the look out for the best Star Wars gifts.

If you are looking for gifts for a Star Wars fan, there are some pretty fun and exciting gifts out there to choose from. From crazy cool or extremely useful, here are a few gifts that will please even the most finicky of Star Wars fans. Let them accessorize with Star Wars or play Star Wars. Either way one of these Star Wars gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Our List of Best Star Wars Gifts for the Whole Family

Whether you are buying for a child, an adult, or the entire family we have the best Star Wars gift ideas for you!

Star Wars Legos

What kid doesn’t love Legos!? I know a few adults who do too.  And, Star Wars and Legos go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are tons and tons of Star Wars Legos to choose from. In fact, there are so many Star Wars Lego sets that there are entire books dedicated to the many Star Wars Lego collections. But for 2021 we’ve chosen Boba Fett’s Starship as our top pick! Of course, when an adult purchases a complex set for their kids, they may end up taking on the bulk of the project. So, we recommend keeping it simple and age appropriate.

Star Wars Watch

For anyone who wants to show off their love for Star Wars with a classic time piece, the Citizen Star Wars Watches come in several special editions. Go with Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Millenium Falcon or other favorite Star Wars character or watch style. Keep time and accessorize with Star Wars all at the same time.

Star Wars Books

What child, or adult, doesn’t love hearing the stories of Star Wars and seeing beautiful illustrations. Reading the stories ignites imaginations. We have a round of up the best Star Wars books for kids. They make great stocking stuffers or even an advent calendar. One book to open each morning.

Matching Star Wars PJs for the Whole Family

Who doesn’t love a set of comfy PJs? And, what is more fun than matching Star Wars PJs for the entire family? This is one of your favorite Star Wars gift ideas. Plan right and wear yours all together on a Polar Express ride, or on Christmas morning. Or, plan ahead and wear these for the photo that you use on your family holiday card.

The force is with the entire family in matching cozy fleece PJs from PajamaGram. These feature a Christmas Tree graphic made up of the legendary characters from the Star Wars movies. There’s even a Star Wars PJ version for your pet!

Star Wars Underoos

Underoos are back, and even better than they were in the 1970s! Alright, this might be a GenX thing. Or, maybe it is just my weird sense of humor that I find these very entertaining, and cute too. I have really fond memories of Underoos from my childhood. So, what could be better than reliving those memories? They come in all of your favorite Star Wars characters. You could even collect them all: BB8 Underoos, Luke Skywalker Underoos, Darth Vader Underoos, and my personal favorite, Chewbacca Underoos.

However, what is most popular in our neighborhood, is the Chewbacca Onsie. That night be more of your child’s style. And, a bit easier to show off.

3D Illusion Star Wars Night Light

Kids and adults will love this color changing decorative lamp and night light that, when plugged in, gives you a 3D illusion of the death star, R2-D2, and the millennium falcon. Colors can be changed by either the power button on the base or the included remote.

Plus, it is practical. What child doesn’t need a night light in their bedroom. This one might make them excited to go to bed.

Star Wars Darth Vader Porcelain Stein

A limited edition from The Bradford Exchange, this Darth Vader stein showcases the full-color imagery of Darth Vader on the front and one of his most famous quotes is featured on the back. The handle is shaped like the hilt of Darth Vader’s lightsaber, the thumb rest has the Imperial emblem, and a sculpted replica of Vader’s Starfighter crowns the stein. The base features detailed designs of his armor and meditation chamber.

The stein is completely drink safe, although, I think most fans will want to appreciate its beauty as a collectible! This is one of our favorite Star Wars gift ideas for dad.

Lightsaber Light-Up LED Chopsticks

We love Asian cuisine. One of our son’s first solid food was tuna sashimi. So all of our family enjoys eating with chopsticks. Reusable Star Wars chopsticks that will make dinner a little more entertaining and the perfect gift for your Star Wars fan. The battery compartment if fully removable so you can clean the chopsticks safe and easily.

Lightsaber Umbrella

Star Wars fans can protect themselves from the rain in a unique way with this lightsaber umbrella. The umbrella has 7 different LED color options and there is also a flashlight function on the bottom that you can turn on to help you see. The umbrella uses AAA batteries for the LED lights and the umbrella is lightweight and has a comfortable handle. Because of the fun lights, kids are sure to enjoy this one!

Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Smartphone Reality Experience

Lenovo brings a whole new Star Wars experience right into your home with their app and reality headset. Simply start the app, put on the headset, and being your journey in lightsaber battles, holochess, or strategic combat. The reality experience can be used with most iPhones and Android phones. In addition, you can even compete with other players in a 1-on-1 battle in the versus mode.

Star Wars Music Box

No batteries required, because this Star Wars music box is played by cranking the handle. The box is small, portable and lightweight. Hence this is perfect to keep on your desk.

Baby Yoda

Okay, I do know that this really is The Child, not Baby Yoda. But I can’t get away from calling him Baby Yoda. If you are anything like our family you are anxiously awaiting Season Two of the Mandalorian. And, oh how much fun it would be to have a Baby Yoda in your own house. If I wasn’t buying this for my kids, I would buy it for myself. I can’t wait to have it watching Season Two of the Mandalorian on the couch with us on our family movie nights. This plush version of The Child, made by Mattel, is the perfect size at about 11″ tall.

Star Wars Coffee Maker

A single serve Star Wars coffee maker with a removable drip tray, illuminated on and off switch, flip top lid, and a 12-ounce mug. A permanent filter is included.

Lightsaber Electric Salt & Pepper Shakers

Elegant and sleek looking Lightsaber salt and pepper grinders that easy to operate and easy to clean. In addition, you can easily adjust the coarseness for the perfect grind.

Death Star Popcorn Maker

A popcorn maker that’s from a galaxy far, far away. This popcorn maker is shaped like the Death Star and the bowl doubles as a fun serving bowl. A fun addition to any kitchen and a fun way to enjoy those Star Wars themed movie nights. Almost every Friday in our house.

The Gift of Experiences for the Star Wars Lover

So, above are some of our favorite Star Wars gift ideas of physical items. But if you have the budget and really want to blow your family away with experiences over things, here are three more Star Wars gift ideas that will be on any Star Wars fan’s bucket list.

Disney Cruise with Star Wars Day at Sea

Piloting the Millenium Falcon during Star Wars Day at Sea.
Other Star Wars fun at the Disney Cruise Oceaneers Club included piloting the Millenium Falcon. Photo: Liana Moore

A Disney Cruise is a top travel bucket list item for many families. And, it certainly should be. Disney Cruises are more expensive than most other cruise lines, but in our opinion worth the extra money. Add in a Star Wars Day at Sea and the surprise at rounding a corner on the cruise ship to run into Star Wars characters and it is a winner. The Star Wars show at the end of the day out on deck is an extra special treat for a Star Wars lover. If you want to go over the top with a gift for your Star Wars loving family, this is it.

Star Wars Land Also Known as Galaxy’s Edge

Photo courtesy Disney Parks.
Is this what you will see in 2019 when you have the opportunity to fly pilot the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Photo: Courtesy Disney

Galaxy’s Edge opened at both Disneyland and Disney World this year, 2019. The planet of Batuu is an extraordinary place. Just getting to visit is a treat. But there is so much more. There’s Droid Depot where you can build your very own working droid. And Savi’s Workshop where you can take in a show and customize your own lightsaber. Try blue or green milk. Take control of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run where you truly will feel like you flew through outer space at light speed. Join the Resistance in an epic battle against the First Order on Rise of the Resistance starting December 2019.  Another not inexpensive, but authentic experience that can be given as a gift.

The VOID: Secrets of the Empire

STar Wars Virtual reality at Disney World
This Star Wars virtual reality experience at The VOID will trick you into thinking you really are a rebel infiltrating a base. Photo: The VOID

At the VOID visitors have the opportunity to don virtual reality gear and enter a hyper reality world of a Star Wars adventure. Our team stepped into an immersive world disguised as Storm Troopers to embark on a rebel mission to capture Imperial intelligence. The great news is that now you don’t even have to be in Orlando to experience it. Families can currently experience the Void’s “Secrets of the Empire” in Anaheim, CA; Glendale, CA; Las Vegas, NV; and London, UK, in addition to Orlando, FL. And, it is coming soon to Austin, TX; Atlanta, GA; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Dallas, TX; Hollywood, CA; Minneapolis, MN, Santa Monica, CA and Edmonton, Canada. If you live near one of these cities, this may be a much more affordable Star Wars experience of a gift.

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Looking for Star Wars gift ideas. Here are 14 of the best Star Wars presents for kids and adults alike! #StarWars

What are some of your favorite Star Wars gifts? Tell us in the comments below!

Looking for Star Wars gift ideas. Here are 14 of the best Star Wars presents for kids and adults alike! #StarWars
Best Star Wars Gifts for 2021

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