Best Vail Sledding Hills

Sledding is perhaps the most underrated Colorado winter sport. Every neighborhood or golf course has a few sledding hills and the only cost is the acquisition of a speedy sled. You do need a little snow but there is typically lots of that during the winter in Vail. It is the perfect impromptu winter sport. Pull on some warm clothes, grab a sled and head to the nearest sledding hill. Laughter and smiles are sure to ensue!

Sledding fun in Eagle, Colorado!

Sledding is a great way to spontaneously get the kids out of the house for some fresh air, wear them out running back up the hill, and just have FUN. Plus the only cost is that of procuring a sled. I have seen a few sledding crashes so our kids do wear their ski helmets, at least on the bigger Vail sledding hills.

Favorite Vail Area Sledding Hills

You can find a decent sledding hill in every neighborhood. And, your favorites may depend on the ages of your children. But really all of the sledding hills work for any age. Kids can just start midway up the big hills if it is too much for them. Here are our favorite Vail sledding hills good for all ages.

  1. EagleVail Putting Green: A short walk past the Eagle Vail putting green is a hill up to the clubhouse. It is a big hill but even at a young age our kids loved this hill. You just go up as far as you are comfortable whizzing back down. As a bonus, there is plenty of parking.
  2. Singletree Sledding Hill: In Edwards this hill is located just up from the golf course and is the perfect slope with a nice flat area at the bottom. There’s no parking lot but typically you can find parking on the side of the road.
  3. West Park in EagleVail at the west end of the neighborhood has a great hill with three lips. This might have made number one except parking is lacking.
  4. East Haystacker Sledding Hill in Eagle: Being furthest west this is the one least likely to have good snow but when it does it is a blast. It is a nice sized hill with a long flat area at the bottom.

Minturn Sledding Hill

Minturn CO has one of the better known sledding hills at Meadow Mountain. At one point someone ran a tubing hill there with a lift. But these days it is really just dangerous, unless you hike further up the mountain. So plan on a bit of a trek if you want to find good sledding at Meadow Mountain.

Eagle Vail Sledding Hills

Vail sledding hills: Eagle Vail
Sledding on the Eagle Vail golf course.

The golf course  on the east side of the neighborhood has a few good hills. The best one comes down from the club house to the putting green. It is a big, steep hill but you can adjust your ride by deciding where on the hill you want to start  ride. There is ample parking when you enter from the putting green.

The west side of the neighborhood has by far the best and biggest sledding hill at the West Park. There are 3 lips to the hill so the smaller kids can take it easy and just get to the first lip while the bigger kids may want to zip all the way down. Side note: This is the park that turns in to a big slip and slide one day late summer.

Edwards Sledding Hills

There are some small hills just off the bike path behind Miller Ranch. These are perfect for preschoolers, though certainly anyone can enjoy them.

vail sledding hills
Singletree Road sledding hill with Beaver Creek Ski Resort in the background.

There are a couple of sledding hills in Singletree in Edwards. But the one that we have tried out is just past the Singletree Golf Club about a half mile up Singletree Road. There are two sides which makes it super fun. You can slide down the big hill and if you get enough speed get up the smaller hill a little ways. Or, the littler kids could just stick to the smaller side.

Cordillera Sledding Hills

In the winter the Cordillera Mountain Course Golf Shop, adjacent to the Timber Hearth restaurant, turns into the Cordillera Nordic Center. Right next door to the Nordic Center is a sledding hill for kids to tube, sled or toboggan their way down the hill. Be sure to stop in to Timber Hearth afterwards to warm up or have lunch or hot chocolate.

Eagle Sledding Hills

Even Eagle gets enough snow for sledding part of the winter.
End of a sledding run at Haymaker hill on Eagle, Colorado.

Our favorite Eagle Ranch hill is on E. Haystacker.  It is a good sized hill with a nice flat area at the bottom. Of course, the down valley sledding hills have a bit of a shorter season, but are just as much fun while they last.

There are also a couple of fantastic hills at the park behind the Eagle Library. There’s plenty of parking just a block over at Town Park and you could make a day of it hitting both the free skating rinks (while open as they are weather dependent) and the sledding hills all in on outing.

I hear there is a super big sledding hill up by the cemetery but we haven’t explored that one yet.

Gypsum Sledding Hills

Probably the biggest sledding hill in the Eagle River Valley is behind Costco in Gypsum. It is a HUGE hill so come prepared for some speed. UPDATE: Sadly we have been notified that the hill behind Costco has been sold to a new owner who as posted the following: “Please be aware that the sled hill behind Costco is Private Property and that you are sledding at your own risk and technically trespassing.”

East Vail Sledding Hills

East Vail is another area likely to have more snow. And, Big Horn Park has a hill or two great for sledding.

Leadville Sledding Hills

Fun sledding in Leadville, Colorado, where you are almost guaranteed lost of snow.
Sledding in Leadville, Colorado at Tennessee Pass/ Ski Cooper.

Leadville is the one area where you can probably count on snow regardless of whether it is a good snow year, or not. Also, the areas that we know about happen to be groomed. There is a groomed hill by Colorado Mountain College in Leadville which is free unless you opt to rent a tube. We’ve also enjoyed sledding off the parking lot at Tennessee Pass Cookhouse (at Ski Cooper). There you can warm up afterwards at the Cookhouse which has delicious paninis, cookies and hot cocoa for sale.

Beaver Creek Sledding Hills

We’ve haven’t gone sledding in Beaver Creek ourselves. While we dub it the “place where locals learn to ski“, there’s not much there’s that’s free, including parking. So, unless you are staying in Beaver Creek it doesn’t make much sense to head there as a sledding destination. With that said the Beaver Creek Golf course has lots of open slopes. I am sure you can find plenty of hills to sled down on the Beaver Creek Golf Course.

Vail Tubing

On a day when you have already exhausted your legs skiing on the hill, snowshoeing or some other winter adventure, sledding may just be too much. You can still find the fun of soaring down the hill, without the work of hiking up the hill. Treat yourself and head up to Adventure Ridge atop Vail Mountain. There you can purchase tickets for snow tubing and get a lift up the hill for some tubing fun!

Other Colorado Sledding Hills

Vail is home to many great sledding hills. But so are many of the other Colorado mountain towns. Here are some great Breckenridge sledding hills and fun Aspen sledding hills to check out too!

Insider Sledding Tip

You can just pick up a cheap sled, or order a fun Unicorn, Snow Cone or Donut snow sled tube that will be sure to be the hit of the sledding hill!

Sledding may be the most underrated winter sport. All you need is a little snow and a speedy sled to go whizzing down a hill while taking in some fresh air and getting the heart rate up. Here are our favorite places to sled in the Vail, Colorado area. #Vail #VailColorado #WinterFun #Colorado #VisitColorado #Sledding #WinterSports


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Ski resorts still have one completely free winter activity that is fun for all - sledding. Find out the best sledding hills in the Vail, Colorado area! #sledding #Vail

Which area Vail sledding hills did we miss in this list? Which are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!

*This is an updated post, originally from February 2017.*

Best Vail Sledding Hills
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