Blue Spirulina: What It Is and What You Should Know About It

Blue spirulina is a type of algae that is naturally good for humans. It’s common to find it in different bodies of water, including large lakes and smaller ponds across the country. Both humans and animals can consume this type of algae to improve their health. It’s a natural source of multiple vitamins, protein, and antioxidants, making it a powerful ingredient to add to different foods and beverages.

We often some home with new recipes from traveling. Costa Rica brought Arroz con Pollo to our home as a staple. I didn’t expect to find a new favorite food at my sister’s home in Dallas. But I did. She made the kids “Batman” smoothies. Come to find out that they were smoothies made with blue spirulina powder, bananas, cauliflower and mango. They were the brightest blue color. And, the kids loved them.

What Does It Look Like?

When purchased for consumption, blue spirulina typically comes in powder form. It has a blue tone with hints of green to it. Although it has that signature blue color to it, different companies sell different variations of it. You can find it in both powder and capsule form. It often comes in a plastic resealable bag or plastic container with an airtight lid to keep it fresh.

What Does It Taste Like?

Blue spirulina powder has a mild salty, sea-like taste. If you’ve ever been in the ocean or another salty body of water and had some water get in your mouth, the flavor that you experienced then is similar to what this product tastes like. Not everyone enjoys its taste, but it’s something that isn’t too difficult to get used to at all. Unlike many other health products on the market, it doesn’t taste like fish, which is ideal if you’re not a fan of fish or seafood in general.

How Do People Eat the Blue Spirulina?

There are many ways to use blue spirulina to consume it and reap the benefits of it. While some people refer to it as an acquired taste, you can enjoy it when adding it to different foods and beverages.

blue spirulina gives these overnight oats their bright blue color


Some people like to eat blue spirulina powder with their oatmeal. They’ll prepare the oats, as usual, sprinkle some of the powder on top, and then add fresh fruit. It adds a slightly salty taste to the oatmeal, but you can counteract it by adding agave syrup, honey, or your favorite sweetener to the oatmeal.

Traditional Smoothies

If you like preparing smoothies at home, you can add some blue spirulina powder to your blender while blending ice, milk, and your favorite fruits. When you’re adding it to a smoothie consisting of blueberries, bananas, strawberries, or any of your other favorite fruits, the natural sweetness will overpower that slightly salty taste that comes from the blue spirulina.

Smoothie Bowls

When you prefer smoothie bowls over traditional smoothies in a cup, the blue spirulina will add vitamins, nutrients, and a beautiful color to the bowls. You can use all of your favorite fruits in these bowls to create a thick, creamy, and delicious treat to eat for breakfast or a snack.

Warm Beverages

If you enjoy a cup of tea each day, consider adding a bit of blue spirulina to your cup. It goes great with different types of tea, including black tea, lavender tea, and peppermint tea. You can add milk, honey, sugar, and other ingredients to the beverage with the blue spirulina to eliminate some of the saltiness that comes with it.


Believe it or not, you can make cookies from scratch and add blue spirulina powder to them. Instead of using traditional salt, add this powder to give your cookies that slightly salty taste that goes great with the granulated sugar, brown sugar, mini chocolate chip morsels, and other ingredients added to them.

People who use blue spirulina tend to get creative with it. Sure, it has a salty taste, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in different recipes. If you’d like to use it for the health benefits that come from it. Start by adding it to your smoothies, cookies, and oatmeal bowls, along with other foods that you often eat.


A friend who read this article subsequently made popcicles with it by mixing it into vanilla yogurt and freezing. Thanks, Kate, for this brilliant idea. I’ll surely be trying it out one of these hot summer days.

Why Do People Use Blue Spirulina?

Blue spirulina is becoming more popular as people start to learn of the benefits associated with the product. It’s natural, contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients, and works wonders to improve health. While different people use it for their own reasons, there are a few specific reasons that people choose to use this product more often than not.

It Can Reduce Inflammation

People who struggle with chronic pain are often looking for alternatives to using painkillers for relief. Because of the many antioxidants in blue spirulina, it does work wonders as a natural anti-inflammatory product. It provides people with much-needed relief from back pain, menstrual cramps, joint pain, and inflammation.

It May Help Lower High Blood Pressure

It is reported to help lower blood pressure to reduce their risk of heart attack, stroke, and other severe medical conditions. It’s worth using blue spirulina because of the possibility that it can naturally lower high blood pressure. Ultimately improving an individual’s overall health.

It Can Help People With Their Weight Loss Goals

Anyone who wants to lose weight may want to consider adding blue spirulina to their diet. It’s an ingredient that acts as a source of protein while leaving individuals feeling full after having a meal. As a result, it can prevent overeating, possibly making it easier for people to lose weight.

It’s Naturally Good For the Human Body

People want to consume things that are good for them. Blue spirulina is good for the body. It’s a natural ingredient found in lakes and ponds. It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients that are damaging to the organs. It’s the perfect source of antioxidants and protein for anyone. Especially those on the keto diet who’d like to consume more protein than carbs.

Blue spirulina is a natural product that is growing in popularity. People are learning about the benefits of the product. They are choosing to use it in their foods and beverages to reap those benefits. While it has a salty taste, it is mild, making it much easier to consume than many other products on the market. If you haven’t started using blue spirulina yet, it’s something to consider. Because of how beneficial it is to humans and their overall health.

Blue Spirulina: What It Is and What You Should Know About It

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