Boulder Colorado in Winter

Visitors flock to Colorado in the winter to soar down the snow covered ski slopes. But other metropolitan areas of the state are also worth a winter visit. Boulder Colorado in winter offers more mild weather, but with access to skiing and other exciting outdoor winter activities.

Boulder is located northwest of Denver in an area that is referred to as the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This area is home to some of Colorado’s beautiful state parks and as such offers easy access to the outdoors including hiking, biking and skiing.

The mild winter weather offers plenty of snow. But it also melts off quickly so there’s plenty of opportunity to still get out on the trails.

Boulder Colorado in winter
The foothills of Boulder, Colorado.

5 Things to Do in Boulder Colorado in Winter

Are you heading to Boulder during the winter? Boulder is a beautiful area known for getting lots of snow with cold temperatures during the winter months. However, you don’t want to let this weather keep you from having a good time. The good news is that there are many great things to do during the winter while you’re in Boulder, Colorado. Consider trying one or more of these top five things to do in the area!

Head Out on a Skiing Adventure

If you’d like to spend time in the snow, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Eldora Mountain Resort, where you’ll have the opportunity to rent skiing equipment, bundle up in warm clothes, and get out on the slopes. Not only can you test out different slopes to gain more experience and get more comfortable in the snow, but you can also get help from one of several professional guides available on the premises. It’s the perfect way to spend a day in Boulder during those colder winter months.


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Learn to Ice Skate or Brush Up on Your Skills

Whether you’re new to ice skating or already have a few skills, head over to one of the local rinks and get out on the ice. You can teach your children how to move around on the ice like pros! It takes some time to get the hang of balancing your body while wearing the ice skates, but it’s a fun way to learn new things. Sure, you might fall a few times, but the laughs are endless while at the skating rink. The Hartmann Inline Rink is one of several spots in the area that offer ice skating!

Insider Tip: Colorado is home to magical ice skating rinks. Be sure to discover other places to ice skate outdoors in Colorado.

Visit Pearl Street Mall

If you’d like to go inside instead of spending the day out in the cold, you can check out the Pearl Street Mall. It’s situated in the downtown section of the city. It is home to several fantastic shops and restaurants, making it possible for you to spend the day buying neat items while enjoying local food. So if you’re looking to escape the cold for a few hours or at least one day during your visit, this is the best way to do that!

Chautauqua Park in Boulder Colorado in winter
Trails at Chautauqua Park covered in fresh snow.

Go on a Hike

Don’t let the colder temperatures deter you from exploring some of the many trails Boulder has to offer its residents and tourists. Boulder Canyon Trail is one of the most popular trails frequented by thousands of people each year. But Chautauqua Park has an amazing network of trails for all abilities. If you’re in the mood to explore and see new things, head out on a hike. Be sure to bring warm gloves, a heavy jacket, and snow boots to get through the hike with ease.

Visit a Local Brewery

If you’re a fan of beer, be sure to stop at one of the local breweries in Boulder, such as The Post Chicken and  Beer or Twisted Pine Brewing Co. You can try freshly prepared beers with flavorful food that pairs perfectly with the various selections. In addition, it’s an adult-friendly activity sure to leave you feeling satisfied at the end of the night.

There are plenty of other fun things to do in Boulder with kids during the winter. Which activity would you like to try first?

Art at the Embassy Suites Boulder
Art at the Embassy Suites Boulder

Where to Stay in Boulder Colorado

Embassy Suites Boulder

The suite layout combined with the nightly manager’s receptions and cooked-to-order breakfasts make it easy for families. As much as I love Embassy Suites, I love unique, boutique hotel properties even more. The Embassy Suites Boulder combined the best of both worlds. Locally created art is scattered throughout the hotel property. The lobby welcomes you with a work by Lindsay Pichaske that features a pink coyote enviously peering from outside the hotel to the lobby inside where a long-eared hare and blue-maned mountain goat reside. Digital frames with chirping birds by David Zimmer line the hallway leading to the restaurant. A yellow picnic bench that melds into the building’s wall by Michael Beitz adorns the courtyard.

Other Boulder Hotels

Of course, the St Julien and Hotel Boulderado are two of the best known hotels in Boulder. These hotels are a bit more upscale and have a closer location to Pearl Street Mall.

Boulder Colorado in Winter

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