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Did you know that Colorado is known for its craft breweries? If you’re a beer enthusiast looking forward to tasting a few new flavors be sure to check out some fantastic breweries in Estes Park. These breweries offer comfortable and welcoming environments, along with an impressive list of freshly-brewed beers for you to enjoy. No matter which place you choose to visit, you can have an unforgettable experience while making memories with your significant other or a group of friends you’re traveling with to the Estes Park area.

downtown estes park home to craft breweries
Estes Park is home to several unique and fun breweries.

1. Rock Cut Brewing Company

The Rock Cut Brewing Company is the perfect spot to visit when you need a little downtime. It’s common for the brewery to have an impressive lineup of brewed beers available, including IPAs. Not only do they have plenty of beers available for you to choose from, but they also have a lineup of different food trucks on the premises. This gives visitors the perfect opportunity to grab some tasty food to pair with their cold and flavorful beverages.

2. Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co.

Many people get excited about taking a trip to the top-rated Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co. The authentic brewing company provides excellent customer service while serving patrons fresh and flavorful beers based on their preferences. Enjoy the detailed artwork inside the building while sampling different beers and choosing one that you’d like to drink while eating your food. They have plenty to choose from, including single malt and single hop pale ale.

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3. Avant Garde Ale Works

Enjoy a relaxing experience at the Avant Garde Ale Works. The captivating artwork leaves guests in awe, while the impressive beer selection gives you a chance to choose from many incredible options. The area is incredibly chill, and there’s even a patio that you can sit on while sampling some of the different beers from the menu. If you’re all about having a good time, this is one spot you don’t want to miss visiting while in the Estes Park area.

beautiful entrance to estes park colorado
Beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.

4. The Barrel – Estes Park

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit The Barrel – Estes Park. People love visiting this dine-in brewery offering a fantastic selection of brews with flavorful food to go with it. You can find dozens of different local beers on their menu, making it difficult to choose just one to drink. However, you don’t have to worry because you can choose from several great options. In addition to the beer, check out the food trucks and enjoy outdoor seating if you want to have a few beers while experiencing the incredible Colorado weather.

5. Estes Park Brewery

Be sure to visit the Estes Park Brewery while looking for great breweries in the area to see during your trip. The microbrewery offers a great selection of beers, along with tasty food, such as burgers, onion rings, and pizza. It’s a casual, chill spot worth checking out while you’re looking to find some of the best breweries that Estes Park has to offer.

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These are five breweries in the Estes Park area. Now that you know of the many beautiful places to visit for freshly brewed beer, which brewery do you think you’ll try to visit first?

5 Fantastic Breweries in Estes Park

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  • July 3, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    Respectfully – the Barrel serves many fine microbrews and is an enjoyable establishment, but it does not brew any beers of their own. It is NOT a brewery.
    Your #5 mention is a brewery, but it is mainly a greasy spoon restaurant. They can claim to be the oldest ‘brewery’ in Estes Park, but their beers have always been third rate (at best).


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