Redstone Castle in Colorado

When you think of Colorado, likely snow capped mountains are the first thing that comes to mind. Likely castles aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, believe it or not, there are a few very unique castles in Colorado.

Header image courtesy of Redstone Castle/ Mountain Home Photography.

The state of Colorado is also home to some incredible castles and structures that have historical significance, along with some that are just fascinating to see. One of these on our list is entirely made from beer cans and scraps of metal, while another is a natural structure that a city was named after. And, there’s one made of glistening ice. These are just a few of some of the best castles in Colorado that you won’t want to miss. 

Miramont castle located in Manitou Springs. Photo courtesy Visit Colorado Springs.

Bishop Castle

It’s safe to bet that Bishop Castle is one of the most unique structures in the Colorado. Jim Bishop bought the property for $450, and for 60 years it was a construction project of one man. You’ll see that this cottage-style castle has towers, bridges, and daring catwalks, along with interior rooms that are craftily and artistically constructed. 

The Brown Palace 

The Brown Palace that’s located in downtown Denver, is a historic hotel that was built back in 1892. It happened to be one of the first atrium-style hotels that was ever built while being the second oldest operating hotel in the entire city. It may surprise you, but the hotel also has six restaurants and bars, a boutique spa, and over 20,000 square feet for hotel events. Rooms start at around $200 a night, and the suites are closer to $1,000 a night. The hotel also offers public and private tours.  

Cano’s Castle 

Located in Antonito, Colorado, Cano’s Castle is a landmark that brings you something that’s both unique and slightly bizarre that visitors can view from the roadside. Some would label it as nothing more than a mound of junk, while others would argue it to be a work of art. It’s a large unusual structure that has four distinct towers. These towers are made entirely out of beer cans, hubcaps, grills, and other metal scrap. They are continually being added to it to this day. Cano, the Native American that built the structure, created it as a homage to God for allowing him to survive the Vietnam War.     

Castle Rock 

For those traveling between the Denver and Colorado Springs area, Castle Rock is a natural geographical feature that rests at the top of a rocky hill. It’s not really a castle but does resemble a massive rock fortress that thousands witness each and every day. The city surrounding Castle Rock is actually named after it. There you’ll find great places to eat, shop, along with recreational activities that outdoor enthusiasts will love.  

Cherokee Ranch and Castle

Though it was only constructed back in 1924, when you first witness Cherokee Ranch and Castle, you’ll have the impression that it is hundreds of years older. That’s because the architect that built this had a 1450’s Scottish-style theme in mind. It’s situated on roughly 3,400 acres and is located just to the south of Denver, in Sedalia, Colorado. The castle holds tours, teas, brunches, and lunches, and can also be home to private events.  

Dillon Ice Castle is recreated each winter with icicles.

Dillon Ice Castles 

In Summit County, Colorado, the Dillon Ice Castles were reconstructed for several years. Providing visitors with a different experience each time they visited. There were ice sculptures, carved-out tunnels, frozen thrones, and more. This icicle masterpiece was a magical attraction.  

Sadly the winter of 2022-2023 will be the second year that Coloradoans don’t get to experience this winter wonderland in their own state. The organizers have been unable to secure a location. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they figure out a location for the winter of 2023-2024!

Dunafon Castle

The Dunafon Castle was built in 1942 in a style modeled on Celtic Castles of the 13th century. It is located near Morrison outside of Denver, on a peninsula with views of Bear Creek. The new owners have restored the historic castle to be a popular wedding venue.

Falcon Castle

Falcon Castle was constructed back in 1909 by John Brisben Walker. Shortly after this, it was destroyed in a fire from a lightning storm in 1918. Although it’s mostly in ruins, this castle can still be toured today. You’ll find plenty of exterior walls still standing. Hiking and biking are other activities that you can enjoy nearby. 

Glen Eyrie Castle 

Built by General William Jackson Palmer, back in 1871, the Glen Eyrie Castle consists of a 2,200 square foot “Great Hall”, along with 7 meeting rooms, and 17 guest rooms. Today, it is a Christian Conference and events center. But you can view the property during the regular tea parties that they host for the public on a daily basis.  

Miramont Castle 

The Miramont Castle is a Victorian-style historic house museum that some would say is haunted. The Miramont castle museum is located in Manitou Springs and has 42 furnished rooms that you can tour, where visitors especially enjoy the Queen’s Parlour Tearoom. Visit to take in some local history and unique architecture. The castle also hosts weddings and other events all throughout the year.  

Redstone Castle offers historic suites for overnight stays, as well as tours. Photo courtesy Redstone Castle/ Mountain Home Photography.

Redstone Castle

For those of you that have watched the movie, The Prestige, you may remember seeing this location during the film. Redstone Castle is a stunningly-beautiful castle that was constructed back in 1902. It also happens to be surrounded by gorgeous Colorado scenery. At one point, Teddy Roosevelt himself, including the Rockefellers, stayed there.

You’ll find this beauty in Redstone that’s not too far from Aspen, where they have guided tours and rooms that used to be available for overnight stays. The property recently changed hands and will now be offering wellness retreats. Hopefully soon you will actually be able sleep in this Colorado castle once again!    

Richthofen Castle 

The Richthofen Castle is a private 35 room mansion that was built back in 1887, by the uncle of none other than Baron Manfred Von Richthofen. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s more commonly remembered as “The Red Baron.” But its interesting history doesn’t stop there. In 1911, it was the site for one of the most intriguing murder cases in Denver history. Charles Patterson was shot twice in the back by his wife Gertrude, who claimed that it was in self-defense. The castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places back in 1975. 

Westminster Castle 

Westminster Castle dates clear back to 1892, and is sometimes referred to as the “Big Red Castle”, and also “The Pillar of Fire.” Its stunning red rock and sandstone stands at an impressive 175 feet tall. Providing excellent views of the Denver area. Today, it is a classroom space for Belleview Christian Schools. At this time public tours are not available. The castle is now a part of the National Register of Historic Places.  

Each of these castles offers you an experience that’s completely different from one another. Which of these Colorado castles are you likely to visit?

If you’ve visited any other castle in the state of Colorado that didn’t happen to be on our list, which one did you see, and what did you think about it? Tell us in the comments!

Castles in Colorado? The Historic, Magical and Unusual

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