Colorado Airports to Get You Closest to Your Destination

If you’re heading in or out of the Centennial State, you could end up at one of the many Colorado airports. While some states only have one or two airports, Colorado actually has many, with flights coming in and out at all different times of the day. Each different airport may have easier access to different areas of the state.

Clearly Denver International Airport is the largest airport with the most flights. But it may be worth while to consider flying into a smaller airport that will get you closer to your ultimate destination, particularly during snowy times of the year.

There are over seventy Colorado airports. However, many of these can only accommodate small private aircraft. Here we focus on the airports with commercial flights.

Taking off from Denver International Airport at sunrise.

Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport is the largest airport in Colorado located on the east side of Denver. You can get to it from Pena Boulevard. It’s known for its immense size, the largest in the U.S. And one of the top five busiest.

But there’s much more that the airport has to offer than just space. The building is home to several fantastic restaurants worth visiting before or after a flight. If you want something quick, you can grab a bagel at Einstein Bagels. If you’d rather have a meal with drinks, you can stop at the Blue Sky Bar, Cantina Grill, City Pho or even splurge on a steak at Elway’s. There’s also a few spots to get a cup of coffee if you need a pick-me-up. 

There’s an American Express Centennial Lounge, several United Airlines lounges. And, Capital One is slated to open a lounge here by the end of 2022.

It’s easy to get to the correct gate while in the Denver International Airport because of the prominent and noticeable markings displayed at each one. A convenient tram takes you to one of the three terminals. The airport is large. But you won’t get lost.

There’s interesting art to be found on the way into the airport, as well as throughout. In fact, the airport has received international recognition for its pubic art collection and Colorado-inspired rotating exhibits. So, if your flight arrives at a certain time and you’d like to see what this airport has to offer, consider getting dropped off a bit earlier to have time to browse around.

Colorado Springs Airport

Several airlines fly in and out of the Colorado Springs Airport each day, including American Airlines, United Express and Southwest Airlines. It’s one of the commercial business airports in the state of Colorado.

While you’re there, you’ll see security patrolling the area to ensure that guests feel safe throughout their visit. While it’s a small airport, that isn’t bad because it makes it easier to find the correct gate that you need to go to for your flight. In addition, the friendly staff members are courteous and helpful, making the experience of being at the airport much more enjoyable.

While you’re waiting for a flight, you can enjoy the incredible scenery as you watch flights taking off and landing at the airport. 

The Colorado Springs Airport is home to several fantastic restaurants, including Mountain Vista Grille & Bar, The Airplane Restaurant, and the Bristol Brewing Company. These are just a few of the spots you can visit when you want to grab an alcoholic beverage, cup of coffee, appetizers, or a full meal!

Grand Junction Regional Airport

The Grand Junction Regional Airport offers several commercial flights each day. It is also home to charter flights. In addition to Denver direct flights include large airports such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Dallas.

Tailwind Concessions operates the restaurant in the Grand Junction airport offering “grab and go” sandwiches, as well as a leisurely hot meal in the on-site restaurant.

The window view flying into the Eagle Vail airport.

Eagle County Regional Airport

Not far from Vail, you’ll find the Eagle County Regional Airport in Eagle County, Colorado. There is just one single runway at this airport, making it much less crowded than other airports in and around the state. It’s normal for people to end up at this airport when traveling to Vail for skiing, snowboarding, and other fun outdoor activities. 

Checking in at the airport is simple and easy. The terminal was recently completely remodeled. There is a new bar and restaurant in the main terminal.

We may be biased. But we think this is the easiest airport in Colorado to get in and out of. By 2023 it may even become an international airport.

Mountains are the view as you fly in and out of Eagle Vail airport.

Aspen/ Pitkin County Airport

The Aspen area also has an airport that offers plenty of commercial flights and is easy to get in and out of. The convenient parking lots do fill up quickly during peak season. But you can easily see on their website how full they are.

The restaurant at the Aspen airport is Jedediah’s, serving flavors of the Old West. They offer “grab and go” sandwiches, wraps, and bowls, as well as more enjoyable sit-down meals. Breakfast burritos and burgers, are popular at Jedediah’s.

Telluride Regional Airport

A small public airport in the San Miguel County area of Colorado, the Telluride Regional Airport is the perfect spot to land when you’d like to end up just minutes away from beautiful, large mountains to see and explore. The airport offers stunning scenery. You can watch as flights slowly land in front of you.

Along with the view, you can grab a bite to eat and relax until you’re ready to get on your flight. The observation lounge provides a welcoming and comfortable experience for all guests. You can use the WiFi, grab a bite to eat, and even check out the gift shop to grab some gifts before you head out.

Centennial Airport

The Centennial Airport is a smaller airport that still has much to offer. Many people travel to this airport because they’d like to dine at one of the restaurants nearby, such as The Perfect Landing. You can dine in, enjoy delicious food, and experience stunning views with private plants landing at different times throughout your meal. If you love airplanes and would like to see them while you eat, this is an excellent spot to visit.

Yampa Valley Regional Airport

The Yampa Valley Regional Airport, found in Routt County, Colorado, takes passengers to many places, including the Northwest Colorado area. While it’s smaller than some of the major airports in the state, it’s still spacious enough for visitors to feel comfortable while awaiting their flights. 

This airport actually also offers some Southwest Airlines flights.

You can watch the planes coming and going or even check out some of the amenities offered to visitors. The 3 Wire Bar & Grill Restaurant is a popular dining area located at the airport. It’s an excellent spot to grab food and drinks before your flight. You might even meet some new people who are just as excited to travel as you are!

Pueblo Memorial Airport

This airport is serviced by United Airlines to Denver for connecting flights. Parking at Pueblo Memorial Airport is free and easy.

Peter’s In and Out Restaurant is unique for an airport restaurant in that it offers and outdoor patio for dining. More airports should figure out a way to incorporate the outdoors into their design. These days there’s nothing better than being able to breath some fresh air after traveling with masks on.

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

Found in Broomfield, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport is a public airport with an impressive variety of aircraft stopping by. If you’d like to be greeted by caring staff members before hopping on a private flight, you may end up at this airport. While you’re waiting, you can get the chance to enjoy incredible views from the airport. It’s common to see medical flights and other private aircraft arriving at the airport throughout the day, so you never know what you might see.

Colorado is home to many airports, some of which are larger than others. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you might end up at one of these airports when you’re heading in or out of Colorado. Some of these spots have restaurants, bars, and other great shops for you to visit and check out while you’re waiting to get on a flight. But most importantly, if you can avoid a drive on I-70 during ski season by flying into a smaller, closer airport there’s a good chance you’ll be grateful for that choice.

Colorado Airports to Get You Closest to Your Destination

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