Costa Rica: Coco Beach

If you’re planning a trip around the northwestern coast of Costa Rica, you’ll want to be sure to have the relaxing and laid-back Coco Beach on your radar. Playas del Coco is considered one, if not, the best beach town in the Gulf of Papagayo.

Over the past several years, it has blossomed into a popular Costa Rican beach destination among tourists and locals alike. While our family decided to visit Playa Potrero instead, Playa Coco has pretty amazing weather year-round, along with an abundance of water sports and friendly waters for the little ones. Keep reading to find out more about Coco Beach and why it’s worth a visit.

Rent a luxury villa with views of Costa Rica’s Tamarindo beach. Photo courtesy Canva.

Best Times to Visit Coco Beach

Costa Rica experiences both a dry and a green season, December through April, being dry, while May through November is the green season. Most people tend to visit during the dry season that experiences less rainfall.

During the green season, they’ll be mostly sunny mornings, but then afternoon showers that follow. It’s really up to you and what you prefer when the best time to visit is.

The Beach

Coco Beach is pretty easy to get to, as it’s only a little more than a half-hour drive from the Liberia Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport.

Though the sands along the beach are more of a dark brownish-grey instead of powdery white and the waters are not as blue as other beaches you may have been to, Coco Beach is beautiful nonetheless.

Water and Land Activities

Now onto all of those water sports and activities, we mentioned earlier. When we say there’s something for everyone, we’re not kidding you. Of course, there’s swimming and fishing, but there’s also scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, kite surfing, shark diving, dolphin, and whale watching, along with boat tours and rentals.

Snorkeling is a fun activity from a boat that goes out of Costa Rica’s Coco beach.

You’ll even find tubing and river rafting close by. When it comes to dry land, Coco Beach has excellent golf courses, horseback riding and hiking trails in the area.

Shopping and Eating on Coco Beach

The beach and downtown area is extremely family-friendly, with fascinating shops that have all kinds of souvenirs, jewelry, and beautifully decorated handbags. There are also several great restaurants to check out, that not only have local cuisine. But these also include all your favorites, including Italian, barbecue, seafood, and Mexican. You may even recognize a few, like the Hard Rock Cafe.

Night Time Atmosphere

While the town of Coco is a relaxing, down-to-earth type of place, the nighttime atmosphere certainly beats to a different drum. On weekends and holidays, you’ll notice louder music and people dancing.

Some of the best bars in Coco Beach are the Zi Lounge, El Ancla, and Coconutz. You’ll find most of the bars and restaurants along the main street. But the beach also has a boardwalk, where you can listen to live music while sipping on a drink. Or, watch an incredible sunset and the starry night show that follows.

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There you have it, Coco Beach. Is this beach town going to be a destination where you kick back and relax while taking in the scenery? If you’ve already visited Coco Beach during a visit to Costa Rica, tell us about your experience and what else you would recommend to do that’s in the area.

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Costa Rica: Coco Beach

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