Essentials for Road Trips to Keep the Peace, and Your Sanity

For many travelers, the least fun part of traveling is getting there. This can be especially true for road trips. After all, who loves sitting there for hours upon hours while listening to their kids repeatedly telling them that they’re bored, hungry, or thirsty? How many times can you hear, “How much longer?” You may even find that you’re annoyed with yourself in the amount of complaining that you do throughout the trip. But all of this can be made a little better with our essentials for road trips. 

With careful planning and researching, there are several items that can make your family’s road trips much more tolerable. It’s about time you improve your road trips by making them a little more comfortable and enjoyable, especially if your family travels a lot. Here are the essentials for road trips that you should pay close attention to. 

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Snacks and Drinks

A road trip would be a total disaster without some delicious snacks and a few thirst-quenching drinks to hold everyone over. It will also save you a bunch of money by keeping you from having to stop in at a convenience store. These are a few of the best snacks to bring along with you that won’t make such a mess, along with healthy options too!

  • Beef sticks/jerky
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Granola or protein bars 
  • Sandwiches 
  • Your favorite Candy bars/chips, it is a road trip after all
  • Bottled water, especially when drinking fountains are not available at rest stops
  • Coffee/Tea, just be prepared to stop a lot
  • Gatorade/Powerade 

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Keep your drinks and sandwiches cold with a small cooler that will fit alongside all your luggage. That way everyone will stay hydrated and happy! If you can, splurge on a Yeti cooler. They last forever, and keep things cool for much, much longer than a basic cooler.

Anti-Nausea Band

Do you have any passengers in your vehicle that tend to experience car sickness every once in a while? Never again will you leave your house without this anti-nausea band that really works. This also works on seasickness and other types of nausea.  

Car Adapter 

Don’t forget your car adapter so that you’ll be able to keep all of your devices charged, including your cell phones, iPads, kindles, laptops, and more.

Phone Holder

It’s never a good idea to hold your phone while looking at the GPS to help you navigate when you’re out on the highway. And if you happen to have a copilot in your front seat that is not good at directions or following a map, it’s time to get yourself a phone holder. 

This phone mount allows you to safely pay attention to where you are headed hands-free! It also comes with a phone charger built-in so that your navigation app on your phone doesn’t quickly drain the battery. 

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

When you’re taking shifts driving, you’ll need a pillow that will help you rest. This memory foam travel pillow also comes in different colors, along with a hoodie to shield your eyes when it’s a sunny day.  

Back Support Padded Cushions

After hours of traveling in the car, do you ever get that uncomfortable feeling in your back that has you squirming and twisting? There is a perfect solution for you. This back support by MAXXPRIME will be just what the doctor ordered, as it will keep your back in good posture and provides you with a much more comfortable riding experience. 

Traveling Mug

To stay awake for a long road trip you’ll be needing a thermos to keep your coffee or tea hot. Yeti stainless steel insulated travel mugs will keep any of your hot drinks warm for hours. There’s no leaking whatsoever and its design is made to fit in your car cup holder.  

Multi-Headphone Audio Splitter

This multi-headphone audio splitter will be a godsend for families with children that are wanting to watch a movie but a driver that is trying to stay focused on the road. The splitter can attach up to 5 sets of headphones and will hook up to your phone, iPad, laptop, and more.   

Backseat Organizer 

When you have smaller children it can be a real hassle to keep all their traveling essentials together, let alone having to reach around and hand another one to them every so often. With this backseat organizer, your kids will be able to do all the reaching and have plenty of pockets for their iPad, coloring books, games, snacks, and plenty more. 

Car Sunshade

It can be miserable when you’re ready to get back into your vehicle on a hot summer’s day and it feels like an oven. Get yourself a car sunshade that will lower your car’s temperature by at least 10 degrees. Window shades for your passengers will also keep the sun from beating directly down on them.  

Rain Jackets

Nobody in your car will want to get out and use the restroom at a stop when it’s during a torrential downpour. You’ll be especially thankful for having one if you’re broke down on the side of the road and need to get under the hood. Keep rain jackets stowed away just in case so that you all can stay nice and dry. 

Baby Wipes

Not many things can be more annoying than having sticky fingers while you’re in the car. They’ll also be a go-to if you or your child spill their drink in the car. Be sure to bring a pack of baby wipes along with you to keep this from happening. 


Probably the most important and least expensive of our essentials for road trips… After years and years of traveling and then coming home to a messy car, you would have thought that it wouldn’t have taken me this long to consider bringing trash bags to help keep our vehicle tidy. A grocery store plastic bag would work too!  

Roadside Emergency Kit

Being left stranded out on the highway is not how you want to remember starting or finishing off your road trip. Whether you’re taking your own vehicle or using a rental, make sure that you bring with you a roadside emergency kit that will get your wheels turning again. This one has 62 pieces including jumper cables, a first aid kit, and several other key tools that you may need.  

These are road trip essentials that every family ought to consider purchasing before their next big family road trip. They’ll keep you well-prepared, comfortable, entertained, along with your bellies fed and watered. What are some other essentials for road trips that you’ve used in the past?

Essentials for Road Trips to Keep the Peace, and Your Sanity

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