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Traveling long distances with kids can feel overwhelming, as well as rewarding. How do you keep them entertained for hours on-end? Don’t let this be an anxiety-inducing thought that may keep you traveling close to home. But also don’t let it stop you from journeying out of your comfort zone. We find gift giving opportunities the perfect time to kindle excitement for traveling, as well as preparing to make it all as smooth as possible. And, it can also be educational. We’ve got gifts for kids who travel to excite and inspire them while also making the long car or plane rides smoother.

From practical travel gifts to travel related gifts, here’s some inspiration. Read on for fun ideas for kids travel gifts gifts for your future (or current) travelers that will get them ready and keep them entertained along the way.

from inspirational to educational here are ideas for gifts for kids who travel
From gifts to keep kids entertained on flights or in the car, to ones that will educate and inspire we’ve got ideas for you.


Every kid who travels needs luggage. Even young kids! For the youngest of children, it may be helpful to have a rolling backpack, so if it gets too heavy, the wheels can do the lifting. 

As kids get older, they may need a larger option. A versatile duffel bag is extremely useful. If you haven’t invested in packing cubes, these are essential to staying organized while you travel.

For in the car or on an airplane, a backpack can keep all their books, toys, or activities contained, but within arm’s reach. A toddler backpack can be useful for storing small items like snacks, but this one also has a detachable leash, to keep your little ones from wandering in busy areas.

Teens and tweens will love the stylish and durable Fjallraven Kanaken backpacks from REI. These come in several colors and sizes, one with a laptop sleeve.

Waterproof Camera

A camera is a fantastic way to allow your kids some freedom to capture their trip from their point of view. Getting a waterproof camera ensures that no amount of rain, puddle, or pool will ruin this gift.

Kids under 10 may enjoy the features of kids cameras with silly filters and a selfie camera. Older kids will also enjoy a selfie feature, but also a deeper waterproof capability as well as a self timer.

Mighty Kids Music Player

An incredible invention that will cut down on screen time, but not cut out access to books, music, and podcasts, a Mighty Kids Music Player is a wonderful option for all ages. With the ability to choose the playlists and mix things up as needed, your kids will stay entertained for hours.

The Mighty Kids Music Player works with plug-in headphones, Bluetooth headphones, or portable speakers, so parents can enjoy the content or enjoy the silence. It is compact and has a clip on the back to fasten it to a seatbelt or shirt and is compatible with Spotify or Amazon Music. Most importantly, it does NOT need Internet to stream, making it ideal for travel..


A lifesaver in a small-space situation, headphones are a wonderful invention. Kid headphones are a great option for the pint-sized traveler! 

Wired headphones work for kids who won’t mess with the cord too much. This one l imits the volume so they won’t hurt their ears and you won’t need a splitter to attach another set. Simply plug the second set into the first and you’re all set.

Bluetooth headphones are great for travel so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a cord or getting tangled in a car seat.

Binoculars can come in handy to check out local wildlife when traveling.


Kids love exploring! Encourage their curiosity as you travel with binoculars. Useful in the car or on a trail, your kids will get tons of use out of them.

Younger kids may need binoculars that will hang around their necks, not break if they drop them, and are soft around the eye pieces. 

Insider Tip: Binoculars have come in handy for us while watching aircraft carriers coming in on Shelter Island San Diego. We’ve also used them to see wildlife while visiting Costa Rica with kids.

Books and Journals

For road trips our family loves Nat Geo’s Ultimate Roadtrip Atlas. This includes interesting information on the different states and cities around the United States. In addition it includes fun games to help pass the time.

Want to inspire a love of travel and curiosity about the world in young kids? Get them the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World.

This simple journal, The Five Minute Journal for Kids, can remind kids of their love of exploring the world. It can also help them set goals to explore more. As a special thank you for readers, use code “LIANA10” for a 10% discount on your order.

These are just a few ideas for your travelers. No matter the age, we can all use distractions on a long trip. All of these gifts are great for kids from toddlers to teens.

Gifts for Kids Who Travel

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