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Nestled in the heart of the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains, Glenwood Springs stands as a captivating blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and historical charm. The area’s selection of world-famous Glenwood Springs hot springs draws visitors from far and wide. They come to experience the soothing mineral-rich waters that have been celebrated for their therapeutic properties for centuries.

With a rich history dating back to indigenous tribes and early settlers, modern Glenwood Springs seamlessly blends its storied past with a forward-looking spirit. Creating an inviting destination that caters to those seeking natural wonders, outdoor pursuits, and a genuine sense of tranquility.

View from the trailhead of hanging lake outside of glenwood springs
The hike to Hanging Lake can be a great one for kids. It offers a spectacular visual reward after a vigorous climb.

History of Glenwood Springs

Many Colorado mountain towns have a storied mining history. But the water flowing from the Yampah Spring brought more than mining to town.

Before European settlement, the Ute and Apache tribes held the area in deep reverence. Recognizing the healing power of the natural hot springs that bubbled forth from the Earth. With the westward expansion of the 19th century, Glenwood Springs emerged as a vital rest stop for weary travelers along the Colorado River.

The town’s grew tremendously with the arrival of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad in the 1880s. The arrival of the railroad connected it to the broader world. The railroad brought immigrants from across the world to settle in the middle of Colorado. Its popularity as a health and leisure destination soared, attracting luminaries like Teddy Roosevelt and Doc Holliday.

Over the years, Glenwood Springs has retained its charm. Becoming a modern hub for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and seekers of relaxation, all while preserving its rich historical tapestry.

The healing mineral waters of Glenwood Hot Springs Pool
Visitors can actually drink the mineral waters of Yamhpha Springs at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Source Waters

The lifeblood of the many Glenwood Springs hot springs flows from the pristine waters of the Colorado River. Nurtured by the Lookout Mountain and Grand Hogback areas. Beginning its journey in the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River meanders through rugged terrain. Carving its way through canyons and valleys. As it courses through the Lookout Mountain and Grand Hogback regions, the river absorbs a symphony of minerals and geothermal energy, enriching its composition. This infusion imbues the water with the restorative properties that have attracted generations to the soothing embrace of Glenwood Springs Hot Springs.

The history of Yampah Spring, the wellspring that feeds the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, is a tale of discovery. Indigenous tribes, including the Ute and Apache, recognized the spring’s therapeutic potential long before European settlers arrived. The name “Yampah” comes from the Ute word for “big medicine.”

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

401 N River St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 | 970.947.2955

While this pool is enjoyable year round, we love it most in the summer. In 2019 they added the Sopris Splash Zone and Shoshone Chutes which are a blast for the entire family. Shoshone Chutes mimics the Colorado whitewater rafting experience, but in a safe and warm environment. It is a blast!

In 2024, six new pools will open at the historic Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. A new mineral waterfall pool, cold plunge pool, hut plunge pool, infinity edge mineral pool and mineral pool with waterfall will be added to the offerings.

Visitors staying at the adjoining hotel receive free entry to the pool. And, here you’ll find a variety of unique spa services.

Insider Tip: Glenwood Springs itself is full of fun things to do with kids. And, it offers one of our favorite spots for affordable ski lessons in Colorado.

glenwood hot springs pool shoshone chites
Tubing Shoshone Chutes at Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

281 Centennial St., Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

The newest of Colorado’s hot springs, Iron Mountain is another of our favorites. Set on the Colorado River, originally there were sixteen different soaking pools. In addition there is a much larger family pool with jetted hot tub set above it. A 2023 addition brought the total number of pools to thirty-two!Annual passes are available for Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Insider Tip: In addition to hot springs, there are some fabulous winter pools in Colorado. Be sure to check these out as well!

iron mountain hot springs in glenwood springs on a winter day

Yampah Spa & Vapor Caves

709 6th St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 | 970.945.0667

The thermal spring waters flow through the cave floors to create the underground geothermal steam baths at Yampah. The Ute Indians used these vapor caves for purification rituals. These mineral baths are idea for adults, rather than families.

Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs

12863 St. Hwy 133, Redstone, CO 81623 | 970-963-2846

This is the one private hot springs we’ve included, located outside of Glenwood Springs. To enjoy the three hot springs set in a natural landscape and rock formations of the Crystal River Valley you will want to stay overnight in one of the cabins located on this beautiful Colorado property.

Healing Waters of Glenwood Springs Hot Springs

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