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If you’re looking for the perfect place to visit when you’d like to get into nature camping, you need to check out the Grand Lake area of Colorado. It’s home to several beautiful campgrounds with more than enough space to getaway and have a wonderful time. You can explore the area, soak up the sun, and get in touch with nature during your trip. Before heading out, it’s good to know why you should visit and where to stay during your camping trip.

Why Camp Near Grand Lake

Going camping near Grand Lake is a great way to spend time in nature and let go of the stresses of every day life. You may reap many benefits that come with visiting this beautiful area. Some of the benefits include:

  • Plenty of things to do. You won’t have to worry about running out of fun things to do. No matter who you travel with and how long you stay, you’ll have a list of activities to participate in throughout the week.
  • Spend less time on electronics. If you’re looking to enjoy an unplugged vacation without relying on phones, tablets, and other electronics, this is a great place to visit. You’ll spend so much time occupied with what you’re doing that you won’t even miss social media!
  • Great areas to explore. Multiple areas are worth exploring in and around Grand Lake. You’ll get to explore beautiful nature parks full of flowers, plants, shrubs, and even wild animals. Be sure to make plans to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, right next door.
  • Mountain Lake with water sports. Grand Lake is one of our favorite lakes in Colorado offering plenty of water sports.
Sign from Nuptial Noll to Grand Lake Village, a short hike straight down the mountain.

These aren’t the only benefits. There is a good chance that you’ll get to learn new things while having fun. Not only is it a great place to visit with your significant other, but it’s also the perfect family-friendly Colorado mountain destination.

Insider Tip: If you aren’t into roughing it camping, check out Grand Lake Lodge. This historic lodge and cabins have all the amenities of an upscale resort and look down to the town of Grand Lake.

Sunset views from Grand Lake Lodge.

The Best Places to Go Camping Near Grand Lake 

Before deciding where to stay, it helps to know some of the different places you can choose from when you’d like to camp near Grand Lake. The area is home to several beautiful campgrounds that are well-maintained and in excellent condition.

Green Ridge Campground

The Green Ridge Campground is one of several spots worth staying at when visiting the Grand Lake area of Colorado. It’s the perfect place to visit with your RV or camping tent. Many people enjoy this location because it consists of miles of land full of things for guests to do. You can ride your bike, walk on the hiking trail, or even hop on a boat and ride around on the lake. You might want to get wet or go fishing, whichever you prefer. Besides having plenty of things to do, you’ll also have so much to see during your visit.

Winding River Resort

Winding River Resort offers cabins that you can rent. Sure, you’re not camping in a tent, but it’s still a great experience nonetheless. It’s a family-friendly property surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery. You can ride horses, take a walk on the trails, have a campfire, and even come across some beautiful wildlife. It’s not uncommon for guests to see more than one moose lingering around the resort. If you’d love to get closer to nature and wildlife, you’ll love the experience that this resort offers its guests.

Elk Creek Campground and RV Park

The Elk Creek Campground and RV Park is a popular destination for those who love camping and the outdoors. It’s a spacious area that provides guests with plenty of privacy and time to do what they’d like during their stay. You can set a campfire and watch the stars at night, walk through the trails during the day, and even have fun playing games with friends and family while outdoors. If you’re looking for a relaxing place to stay in the area, this is an excellent choice.

There are some great campgrounds in the Grand Lake area where you can hook up your RV.

Snow Mountain Ranch

Located in Granby, just a few minutes from Grand Lake, this YMCA of the Rockies property offers campsites, yurts, cabins and also rustic lodges. It is a mountain playground with many fun family activities and lots of great hiking. Snow Mountain Ranch is also home to our dog’s favorite dog park.

You’ll notice many other places to stay in and around the Grand Lake area, including the Grouseberry Campsite and Stillwater Pass. No matter which location you choose, you can have an incredible time camping with those closest to you.

Insider Tip: Right next door is Shadow Mountain Lake, which what may be even better camping options.

Grand Lake borders Rocky Mountain National Park.

Fun Activities to Participate in While Camping Near Grand Lake

Please make the most of your time by spending as much of it outside as possible. Of course, you’ll need some time to rest in your RV, resort, or tent, but you’ll get to hang outdoors more often than you usually would when you’re home. The activities are endless when you’re going on a camping adventure!

Water sports on Grand Lake.

Spend Time on the Beach

Be sure to spend some time at The Beach of Grand Lake. You can hang out on the sand to sunbathe or get in the water to have a fun time cooling down on a warm day. The lake is refreshing, and the sand is as clean as it gets, leaving you with the perfect place to spend the day. Take out a paddle board, or take a tour of the lake on a pontoon boat.

Head Out on the Bowen Gulch Trail

One of the most popular trails in the area is the Bowen Gulch Trail. You’ll get to see some fantastic sights while spending quality time with the family. It’s a pet-friendly trail, so feel free to bring your dog. However, if you do decide to take your dog with you, make sure to keep it on a leash!

Go For a Bike Ride

Bring the bikes with you when you’re visiting the Grand Lake area. You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to different trails that you can use for a relaxing and fun bicycle ride with loved ones.

Go on a Guided Tour

Don’t forget to go on a guided tour of the area. It’s the perfect way to learn new information while seeing exciting sights. Several companies offer guided tours to guests who’d like to have such a fun experience.

Drive Trail Ridge Road

During the summer be sure to take a drive on one of the most spectacular roads in Colorado, right through Rocky Mountain National Park.

You can have the time of your life camping in the Grand County area of Colorado. The area is home not only to Grand Lake and Shadow Lake, but also nearby Lake Granby and Willow Creek Reservoir. If you’d like to experience it firsthand, choose the location you’d like to visit when camping and then decide what you’d like to do.

Grand Lake Colorado Camping Fun

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