Ice Bumper Cars: Fun for All

Have you ever experienced the thrill of ice bumper cars? If not, you’re in for a treat. This fun and exciting activity is available at several locations in Colorado, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Instead of riding in a traditional bumper car, you’ll sit safely and securely in an inflatable ice bumper car. These motorized vehicles are controlled using two levers, and they glide and spin across the ice on studded wheels, bumping into other ice bumper cars as they go. The colorful lights on the vehicles add an extra touch of fun.

The slippery surface of the ice keeps the cars sliding and moving around, making the experience even more exciting for everyone. And, it can be fun for almost any age.

So where in Colorado can you experience ice bumper cars?

Dobson Ice Arena in Vail, Colorado

One place to enjoy the experience of riding in ice bumper cars with family and friends is at the Dobson Ice Arena in Vail, Colorado. The spacious ice skating ring provides an intimate experience for those wanting to experience ice bumper cars and the magic that comes from them. There’s even a seating section for watching others while they’re on the ice. So, whether you’d like to watch people give it a try before you or not, you’ll have the option to do so when you visit the Dobson Ice Arena.

While commonly known as a great rink to visit when you want to go on an ice skating extravaganza, the arena offers more. Visitors now have the opportunity to hop in the ice bumper cars and maneuver their way around the ice, traveling from one side to the next while attempting to bump into different people. The bumper cars are a new addition to the rink that visitors are thoroughly enjoying. It gives them a chance to bring out their inner child while out on the ice.

For 2022 rides are $10 per person for a 15-minute bumper car ride experience. Participants must be at least 48 inches tall to drive.

Gaylord Rockies in Denver, Colorado

The Gaylord Rockies Resort in Denver, Colorado, is a popular tourist destination. People enjoy coming to the area for various reasons, such as checking out the top-rated restaurants, hitting the spa, and even going for a swim.

In addition to these activities, for Gaylord Rockies Ice event people like to visit the ice skating rink to test out their skating skills on the ice with their loved ones.

While skating is one activity people enjoy participating at Gaylord Ice, it’s not the only fun activity to do on the ice. The area added ice bumper cars to the impressive selection of activities available to visitors back in 2019. The activity had become a top-rated option for guests looking to feel nostalgic while having the time of their lives. If you’ve always loved bumper cars as a kid, you’ll get excited about riding in the ice bumper car, where you can easily glide on the ice and chase friends or family around the ice. If you want to have lots of laughs while making memories, this is the place to visit to have fun.

Ice bumper cars at Gaylord Rockies Ice.

Howelsen Ice Complex in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The Howelsen Ice Complex in Steamboat Springs offers ice bumper cars in twenty minute segments. For 2022, the cost is $12.92 + tax for a 20-minute session. This is per session, not per rider. Kids must be 5 years old and 42″ to ride alone. But ages three and up can ride with an adult.

After bumping around on the bumper cars, you might want to stay to skate and have more fun on the ice with disco lights and music.

Ice Bumper Cars in Winter Park, Colorado

The Winter Park Resort in Winter Park, Colorado, now has ice bumper cars available to guests. It’s a new activity made public in 2021, giving guests something exciting and unique to look forward to during their stay. It’s the kind of activity perfect for couples and families. But, of course, if you’re traveling to the area with your children, you’re going to want to participate in memorable activities that keep things fun and enjoyable for them. If that’s the case, this is one of the activities you need to try.

Ride around in a protected vehicle on the ice while sliding throughout the ice and bumping into people along the way. The experience is similar to traditional bumper cars, but it’s even better. The element of the ice makes the experience that much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Also, it makes it more of a challenge to reach your loved ones while you’re riding around and gliding. Despite being a bit more challenging, it’s a lot more fun, too!

Skate in the Park at Acacia Park in Colorado Springs

Not to be left out, Colorado Springs now also has ice bumper cars at Skate in the Park at Acacia Park. Run by the City of Colorado Springs, the ice rink open Nov. 11 through Jan. 31.

Is it Safe to Ride Ice Bumper Cars?

It’s normal to have some safety concerns when thinking about riding on an ice bumper car. You may wonder if it’s safe for yourself and your children to sit in these vehicles and drive on the ice, but you’ll be glad to know that this is a safe and fun activity for everyone. Each car that glides on the ice has a protective barrier to keep riders safe and secure while bumping into one another. 

In addition to the barrier, all guests wear a protective seat belt to keep them inside the ride the entire time. Because of the advanced safety features added to the equipment, you can feel comfortable allowing your children to ride the ice bumper cars and get on them yourself to have fun with the family.

Helpful Suggestions Before You Head Out on the Ice

You can expect things to get a bit cold when you’re riding in the ice bumper car at any of the rinks with your family and friends. So, make sure you’re fully prepared by wearing warm, comfortable clothes. Some people like to wear layers of clothes to keep themselves feeling comfy and warm while on the ice. You can wear a thermal shirt and pants underneath your regular clothes for added insulation.

Along with wearing warm and comfortable clothes, be sure to consider wearing gloves and a scarf to keep your neck and hands cozy and warm. If you feel good while on the ice, the coldness won’t be a distraction as you work on maneuvering your ice bumper car from one spot to the next.

Though requirements could vary by location, most will require children to be five years and up and 42″ tall to ride by themselves.

Don’t Pass On this Experience 

Ice bumper cars are becoming a popular activity available at many local ice rinks in the Colorado area. So whether you’re in Denver, Vail, or even Winter Park, you can stop at one of these great places to have the experience of a lifetime. Ice bumper cars are fun and exciting for both adults and children. You can expect to feel like a child while laughing and having a good time on the ice.

Ice Bumper Cars: Fun for All

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