Introducing Friends: Katie Coakley, Katie on the Map

When I embarked on this adventure of becoming a travel blogger, I had no idea that one of the really fun parts of it would be getting to know new travel bloggers, and reconnecting with others I’ve known from the past. Katie Coakley & I ran in the same PR circles in Vail until she left to travel the world as a travel blogger. I think at the time I thought she was a little crazy, but now I really admire that she took that bold step. I hope you enjoy reading more about her and what she’s been up to.

Tell us about yourself.

Katie Coakley on her most recent travels at Santa’s Village in the Arctic Circle.

I’d say I’m a traveler, first and foremost. I’m also a writer, craft beer lover, public relations professional and adventure seeker. I’m always dreaming of my next trip (or planning it) and love to explore new places—even if they’re close to home.

I live in Denver, though I’ve spent most of my adult life living in the mountains. When I moved to the city, I wanted a place where I could walk everywhere and be right in the thick of things. I’ve enjoyed exploring the city life.

How did living in Italy at a young age shape you?

A windy day at Kuressaare Castle in Estonia, March 2017. Photo: Katie Coakley

It meant that my parents can never really complain about my traveling! They’re super supportive, really, but moving to Italy when I was starting first grade was amazing. We lived there for three years and traveled quite extensively around Europe and even visited Egypt during the time that we were living there. My time there showed me that there are so many amazing places to see and people to meet. It definitely contributed to my love of exploring.

What inspires you?

The people that I meet really inspire me. Whether it’s a fellow traveler that I meet on the road or someone in the areas that I visit, I’ve found that everyone has a story. I love learning about what other people dream about, wish for, are inspired by…their secret talents, their passions and even the places that we diverge. It’s truly opened my eyes to so many different ways to live.

Where is home?

The Freedom Monument is a popular meeting place in Riga, Latvia. Photo: Katie Coakley

That’s a good question! Right now, home is Denver. For part of the winter, home is in a small town on the Gulf Coast of Florida, with my family. I’m fairly fluid—home is more of a feeling for me and doesn’t have to be tied to bricks and mortar.

Your favorite place on Earth?

Usually is the place I’ve just returned from, so the Balkan states are pretty high up there at the moment. However, I love Nepal. It truly is one of my favorite places on Earth. The people are amazing, there is so much to explore and you truly feel different when you’re there. It’s one of my happy places.

Where are you headed next?

The cat house is a must-look-for sight in Riga; this slight creepy version is worth a gander, too. 

I don’t have an international trip planned at the moment—I need to stay stateside for a bit. However, I really want to explore more of Utah: Zion and Goblin Valley, in particular. There’s so much to experience nearby, so I’m going to try and take advantage of it.

Favorite author? Why?

That’s tough—I’m a voracious reader and absolutely love that I can check out books from the library online from anywhere in the world. Some of my favorite all time authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, Phillip Pullman, J.K. Rowling, Garth Nix and Billy Collins.

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Introducing Friends: Katie Coakley, Katie on the Map

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