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Okay, I don’t do this often. That is to give a product a review. In fact, this is a first. After all we are about travel and experiences not materialism. But after a bit of research I discovered that if I purchased a new phone through VirginMobile I could not only get a $200 gift card but also 6 months at $1 per month of unlimited phone, texting and data. Right off the bat with eliminating my current phone service of $120 per month that almost paid for a new iPhone X which I’ve been coveting for the camera abilities.

I received my new iPhone X on Friday. It was very easy to set up. If you have your old iPhone nearby you can just transfer everything over. There were a few passwords I had to re-enter but that was it. We had a really busy weekend so just tonight I started playing with it. I haven’t even tried the camera functionality yet, which was the big seller to me. If I can take better photos for Instagram on the fly it will be well worth it.

But I found an even greater value this evening — tormenting my family with animojis. I already have a poop emoji running joke with my sister. Last Christmas I gave my niece a poop emoji pillow and it is her beloved lovie that goes everywhere with her. I resisted giving her poop emoji slipper this Christmas, really only because they ones I found were too big for a preschooler. But I couldn’t resist sending a poop amimoji singing the Happy Christmas as soon as I figured out how to use this new iPhone X feature.

And, I couldn’t resist sending my mother an unicorn animoji informing her that I now have an iPhone X too. She was pretty proud of hers when we visited over Thanksgiving. I may have created a monster. Watch out!

I can’t yet review the camera as I’ve barely used it but this has given me invaluable entertainment and I bet will continue to do so. If you are in a position to run out and get the iPhone X just to torment your family with animojis, I highly recommend that you do so.

To use the animoji feature just go as though you are sending a regular text but click the “A” that is between the text box and the camera icon and then click the red record button. Its limitation is that it does appear to cut you off after 10 seconds. There is a limit to how long they will allow you to torment your family.

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  1. Well, I must say that this gave me loads of fun last nights. I do not send Christmas cards anymore so this was fun. Most of all, my husband was in tears as he was laughing hysterically.

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