Jack Rabbit Alley, Ghost Town and Little Brave | Beaver Creek

If you know us, you know that we love to ski. And, our kids’ favorite mountain to ski is Beaver Creek. Not only that, but their favorite run to ski is Jack Rabbit Alley. Their second favorite run to ski is Ghost Town, with a visit to Riparoo’s Cabin. Chances are that once your children discover Jack Rabbit Alley in Beaver Creek that’s all they will want to ski.

Riparoo’s Cabin in Ghost Town on a snowy day in Beaver Creek.

Jack Rabbit Alley and Ghost Town were built for kids. They are tree runs with little bumps and turns perfect for small skis. They also have all kind of fun features added in. In Jack Rabbit Alley you can ski through wagons and tipis. In Ghost Town you make your way down a curvy run lined with little abandoned huts. There’s even a short wooden tunnel to ski through. This fun terrain makes Beaver Creek our locals’ choice of where to learn to ski.

Jack Rabbit Alley Beaver Creek

Where is Jack Rabbit Alley?

There are a couple of ways to get to Jack Rabbit Alley. Take Centennial Lift up from the base of Beaver Creek Mountain. If you are an intermediate or above skier, take my favorite run, Stone Creek Meadows, into Rose Bowl. Take the Rose Bowl Express up. Then catch Red Buffalo Express up to the top of the mountain. If you are a beginner skier, or just don’t want to have to take a run in between getting to Jack Rabbit Alley, then from the top of Centennial take Cinch Express Lift up. It drops you off right at the top of Red Buffalo, which is where you head to the left to ski down Jack Rabbit Alley.

There are some beautiful views here at the top of Beaver Creek Mountain. And, you might even discover a snow sculpture. The winter 2019-2020 snow sculpture is baby Yoda.

Snow sculpture of baby Yoda at the top of Red Buffalo in Beaver Creek.

What is Jack Rabbit Alley?

Jack Rabbit Alley is a green, or beginner run, as are the runs around it. If there is too much powder and it is no longer a green run, the mountain may block it off until they can get it groomed. This doesn’t happen often, but did for us this year in February 2020.

The run is full of little bumps, some of which kids can get a little air on. It is not as easy for adults to maneuver with their larger skis. There are also some areas with a bit larger jumps if you ski out a bit further info the trees. In the lower half you will find the wagons and tipis that you can ski right through. The run filters down into the same area. We just wait for our group at each open space.

Be forewarned, us adults have been know to complain, “Not again!” about the third or fourth time skiing Jack Rabbit Alley in one day. It can wear out adult legs on longer skis more quickly.

Ghost Town Beaver Creek

Ghost Town is located at the top of Centennial Lift just down the hill from Saddleridge. Kids will love the mini, old abandoned ghost houses that dot the sides of this fun trail created just for kids.
This one ends at Gold Dust or Latigo. So, you have options of taking either green or blue runs down. There aren’t as many wagons or tipis to ski through here. But Riparoo’s Cabin is hidden in the woods here. As is a fun wooden tunnel that the kids will enjoy skiing through. Ski instructors, at times, drop candy in this wooden tunnel.

Rose Bowl in Beaver Creek, my favorite way to get to Jack Rabbit Alley.

Little Brave, Bachelor Gulch

Should your kids have a bit more time, they might want to ski from Beaver Creek over to Bachelor Gulch to ski Little Brave. Take Strawberry Park Lift up to the Candy Cabin. A stop may be required here by your kids. Then there’s a bit of a flat traverse over to Bachelor Gulch. Once you get there your kids will likely just want to loop Little Brave. It is a fun run that goes up and down under wooden bridges. It is a bit like a roller coaster.

About Beaver Creek Ski Resort, Colorado

We’ve dubbed Beaver Creek Ski Resort “the place where locals learn to ski.” Our kids grew up skiing the mountain, as did most of their classmates. Not only does it have fun terrain, but it offers a fantastic ski school.

Of course, we still love to ski Vail. And, at some point our kids may come to prefer Vail over Beaver Creek. But for now our family skis Beaver Creek every weekend of ski season.

Jack Rabbit Alley, Ghost Town and Little Brave | Beaver Creek

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