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If you’re spending time in Texas and would like to ride a boat in Lake LBJ, you have plenty of options. If you are visiting the lake, likely you are there to get out on the water. Whether you want a peaceful kayaking outing, a social pontoon boat experience or an exciting jet ski adventure, these are some of the best places for Lake LBJ boat rentals.

Located in Texas hill country, Lake LBJ is a great lake for boating, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, SUPing and kayaking, The fairly constant water level is thanks to releases from the dam.

lake lbj at granite shoals
Closer to the dam at Lake LBJ is a great place to stand up paddleboard as the waters are a bit calmer thanks to fewer speed boats i the shallower water.

Splash Boat Rentals

The Splash Boat Rentals company in Kingsland is one great place to visit when you’re looking for a boat to rent and take out on Lake LBJ. The company offers boats of different sizes to accommodate renters and the number of guests they plan to take with them on the water. 

You can choose a date and time that works best for you and then decide how long you’d like to rent the boat for based on what you plan to do. Bring tubes along while tubing in the water after anchoring the boat for a bit!

This top-rated company has been around for years, continuously providing excellent service to its customers.

Wave Chasers Boat

Many visitors rent boats from Wave Chasers Boat Rentals, also a top-rated company with plenty of boats to offer visitors. Not only does the company provide the boats for rent, but they also offer guidance and instructions to ensure that visitors have a safe and fun trip. 

They have dozens of great options available for rent, including pontoon boats and Seadoos. The staff members can help you load your belongings onto the boat before you head off on a journey to experience Lake LBJ.

Laketime Boat Rentals

While it’s not as known as the other two options, Laketime Boat Rentals offers boats for rent, too. You can rent lots of equipment from them, including jet ski and ski boats that are sure to enhance your experience of spending time on the lake. 

The friendly and professional staff members are there to help you throughout the process, providing suggestions on which boats may be best for you based on what you plan to do and how many people you’re bringing with you to the lake.

Lake LBJ Resort & Marina

If you want to rent a boat that is already out on the water, Lake LBJ Resort & Marina is the place to go. The waterfront property has no shortage of incredible boats available for rent, some of which are smaller and some that are significantly larger to accommodate groups of people traveling together. You can find what you need and have the time of your life while renting a boat from this amazing company.

Just Yakin Kayak Rentals

If you’d prefer a quieter boating experience, Just Yakin Kayak Rental is an excellent choice. They offer both kayak and stand up paddleboard (SUP) rentals. The courteous and experienced staff members can provide advice and tips on how to make the most of your kayaking adventure while on the lake.

Spend time on Lake LBJ with family and friends while renting a boat. You can find several fantastic companies offering ideal rentals for you to use when you want to experience fun in the water with loved ones.

Lake LBJ Boat Rentals

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