Lakes in Dallas: 6 Family Favorites

I spent several years in Dallas. White Rock Lake was my favorite place to go running. There are even a few races around the lake that are great challenges. We make it back to the area somewhat regularly to visit family. And, we have now discovered there are a few other lakes in Dallas. And, there is even a great dog park at White Rock Lake that our furry family member loves.

Header photo of White Rock Lake courtesy VisitDallas.

If you live in Dallas or plan on traveling to the area, you might want to check out some of the area’s lakes. While there are dozens of lakes in Dallas, some are popular because of their beauty, cleanliness, or unique trails. If you want to spend time in the water or just hang out by the lake with loved ones, check out these five lakes in Dallas that are worth a visit.

Of the lakes in Dallas, White Rock Lake may be our favorite for a walk or run. Its proximity to downtown is a bonus. Photo courtesy VisitDallas.

Grapevine Lake

Grapevine Lake is one of the most popular lakes in the Dallas area. It is known for its beautiful red sand and stunning views. Those who visit Grapevine Lake can go for a swim, go kayaking, or even ride in a boat. Some visitors like fishing in the lake to see what they can catch on a beautiful, warm day. If you visit this lake, you can have a picnic on the sand while enjoying the scenery and then cooling off in the water when you are ready to have some fun.

Insider Tip: Looking for a lake vacation? Check out these lakeside cabins in Texas for a fun family or extended family getaway!

Joe Pool Lake

Many people enjoy visiting Joe Pool Lake because there is plenty to do there. There is a playground by the lake for children to play on and picnic areas for guests who would like to enjoy a meal together. If you stop by Joe Pool Lake, you can ride a boat in the water or go swimming. Many people want to head out in the water on jet skis to experience the exhilarating rush of exploring the lake. Camping and fishing are two other activities that visitors often participate in while at the lake.

White Rock Lake

Situated very near the downtown area of Dallas, White Rock Lake is another lake worth visiting. It is the perfect place to visit throughout the year when you want to swim or explore. Not only can you spend time on the water, but you can also go cycling and take a walk or run through the trails where you may run into quite a few ducks. It is a hot fishing spot for those looking to catch what they can. If you would like to have a relaxing and fun experience, White Rock Lake is the place to go.

Insider Tip: The White Rock Lake Dog Park has three large fenced in areas and is a favorite of our dog. There’s an area for large dogs, small dogs and even a launch area where the dogs can play in the water and learn some water tricks.

The dog park at White Rock Lake in Dallas
White Rock Lake in Dallas is a great place to go for a run or walk. But it is also a favorite spot for our dog. The dog park is a great place to let her run and play.

Bachman Lake

Although smaller than the White Rock Lake, visitors often like spending time at Bachman Lake. It is a great place to bring the kids, go for a jog, or even take the dog for a walk. While it is not necessarily the best spot for fishing, you can still fish from a kayak while out on the water. It is common to see people sitting by the lake while having lunch and enjoying the scenery together.

Mountain Creek Lake

Mountain Creek Lake is only eight miles away from the downtown area of Dallas, making it easy to get to the city’s center. There is a superb hiking and bicycling trail by the lake that people often like to use to explore the area. Although the lake area is excellent for getting outdoor exercise, the water is polluted, so it is best to avoid swimming directly in it.

Insider Tip: Enjoying the lakes in Dallas is only one of many fun things to do in Dallas for families. Be sure to check out these other ideas!

Lewisville Lake

Lewisville Lake was once referred to as Dallas Lake. The lake shares its expansive shoreline with campgrounds, golf courses, lodges, and a number of restaurants. People go there not only to swim and fish but also for water activities like water skiing and wakeboarding.

Other Lakes in Dallas

There are several other lakes in the Dallas or North Texas area. Some are a bit further of a drive out of town. But some of those, like Lake Texoma are popular areas for weekend getaways. Some of those include Lake Ray Hubbard and Lake Texoma. These are known for boating and some even have a beach or two that you can enjoy.

State parks are another great place to find fun lakes. In this area of the state you can find Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Cooper Lake State Park and Lake Tawakoni State Park.

One of our favorite Texas Lakes, Lake LJB, is south of Dallas, closer to Austin.

Head down south to the Austin area for another selection of the best lakes in Texas.

Insider Tip: Lake LBJ is another of our favorite lakes in Texas.

These five different lakes in Dallas are unique in their own way. You can stop by and check them out if you are in the area or planning to come to Dallas in the future.

Lakes in Dallas: 6 Family Favorites
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