milkyway view at lake powell

A reservoir along the Colorado River that was created by using the Glen Canyon Dam to flood Glen Canyon, Lake Powell is a unique and beautiful area. Covering land in both Arizona and Utah, Lake Powell is the second largest reservoir in the United States measured by the largest amount of water. 

Access to Lake Powell is through developed marinas only because much of the lake is surrounded by steep sandstone walls. But with almost 2,000 miles of shoreline and more than 90 side canyons to explore, you won’t be at a loss for what to do next. 

Lake Powell has five marinas. Bullfrog Marina in Utah, and Wahweap Marina and Antelope Point Marina in Arizona are the largest. Wahweap is where you will find resorts at Lake Powell. Houseboat rentals and campgrounds can be found at Bullfrog and Antelope Point. In addition there’s Halls Crossing, Dangling Rope and Hite Marinas.

Quite a few unique lodging opportunities are available around Lake Powell. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a laid-back resort feel, you’re sure to find the vacation you’re looking for.

Lake Powell Resort

If you love hotel life, Lake Powell Resort is a perfect option. It is located at Wahweap Marina near Page, Arizona. With the convenience of suite-like rooms, lake views, a restaurant, pool, and marina access, you will have lots of nearby options to stay busy or simply enjoy some downtime.

Being situated on the marina means you’ll easily be able to book boats or other water fun options whenever the feeling strikes. There are also tours to make of the nearby majestic sights available from the resort.

Rent a Houseboat

For an incredible experience of the lake first-hand, rent a houseboat. Even first-time boaters can learn to pilot a houseboat quickly and be on their way to an unforgettable vacation.

With fun possible amenities such as a waterslide, you’ll pilot your way around the lake, explore the shore, swim, or discover side canyons along the way. You can also rent water toys. Everything from kayaks and paddleboards to wakeboards and water skis. As well as power boats, and truly live on the water for the entirety of your stay.

Lake Powell Vacation Rental

With websites such as Airbnb and VRBO, you are sure to find the perfect rental for your Lake Powell vacation. Lots of different sized houses with different amenities are available to fit your needs.

Want a pool, hot tub, beautiful views, or a simple place to sleep and eat with easy access to the lake? Renting a house is sometimes the best financial option. You will have to provide all your own meals (or hit the local restaurants). But as most rentals have a full kitchen at your disposal as well as a table to eat at, this option is sometimes a lot easier!


The other easy option is to rent a hotel room. This may be a great option to ensure everyone has the privacy and number of beds they desire.

Most of the Lake Powell hotel options are less than 20 miles from Lake Powell. So it would be simple to do day trips and see the incredible sights. Options range from suites and long-term stays, to upper hotel experiences, to inexpensive motels. So you should be able to find your perfect hotel, no problem.

Resorts at Lake Powell

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