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Our National Park Service operates and protects the many natural treasures. These parks can bring us happiness and improve our mental health. One such national park that does just this is Sequoia National Forest, located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, near Kings Canyon National Parks. Both are protected in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Whether you prefer to rent a room in a lodge, a cabin, camp in a RV or under the stars in a tent you are sure to enjoy the Sequoia National Park camping and outdoor experience.

Surrounded by towering red giants that have stood for more than 2,000 years, Sequoia National Park is truly a humbling and awe-inspiring place to visit. There’s no better way to appreciate this giant forest area  than by camping at one of the campgrounds that are situated in the park.

Sequoia National Park is a stunning place to enjoy with your family. Photo courtesy Canva.

Each campground offers a unique setting. Each offers several fun activities nearby that the whole family will enjoy. Here’s a closer look at the best campgrounds that you will find in Sequoia National Park.

Lodgepole Campground

The Lodgepole Campground is considered to be nestled in the best location of the park. It offers campers beautiful scenery with boulders scattered all throughout. The campground runs along the Kaweah River, with sites strewn out over several loops.

The best campsites in Lodgepole are situated the furthest away from the visitor’s center, further upstream. There you will find plenty of pine trees for covering, a waterfall, and mountain top views just beyond that.

The campsite has over 200 tent and RV campsites and is open from mid-April through the month of November.

Sequoia National Park camping is a great way to experience the park up close. Photo courtesy Canva.

Buckeye Flat Campground

Close to Hospital Rock, Buckeye Flat Campground is about a 30-minute drive from the park’s main features. These features include the General Sherman Tree and Moro Rock. This is a tent-only site, with 28 reservable private and shaded spots. Most of which have rocks and vegetation that provides you with more privacy. The Kaweah River is just a stone’s throw away and can be heard from the campsites.

The campground can get really hot in the summertime because of its low elevation. But spring and fall temperatures are most comfortable. Buckeye Flat is open from the end of March, or the beginning of April through September.

Atwell Mill Campground

Most campgrounds in the park don’t give you the opportunity to sleep beneath its sequoia trees, making Atwell Mill that much more special. Atwell Mill Campground is nearly two hours from the Sequoia National Park’s entrance, and one hour away from the town of Three Rivers. The campground offers campers with different campsite settings. Whether you prefer the banks of the Kaweah River, or amongst the towering giants in the sequoia grove. There’s toilets available and facilities where you can shower at the Silver City Resort that’s nearby.

There’s plenty of activities close by, including horseback riding, boating, fishing, wildlife watching, and more. It also features two hiking trails that lead directly out of the campground.

You can even drive through trees in Sequoia National Park. Photo courtesy Canva.

Potwisha Campground

The Potwisha Campground is situated in the Sierra Foothills to the south. It provides visitors with a completely different setting than any of the other campgrounds. This campground is open year-round and accommodates both tents and RVs.

There are plenty of open grassy spaces, oak trees, and views of the mountains off in the distance. Due to it being one of the lowest elevations in the park, this campground is also considered to be the hottest.

Each of its 42 lots may not have all that much privacy, but they are well spread out for the most part. Their facilities include flush toilets only. It’s about a half-hour drive from the park’s main attractions

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Dorst Creek Campground

The Dorst Creek Campground is the most convenient campground in the park. It is situated between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. There’s a hiking trailhead leading to Muir Grove that leads from the campground.

It’s a rather large campground, with 281 campsites, but it’s still fairly quiet for its size. The campground accommodates both tents and RVs and is open from mid-June through mid-September. There’s also a shuttle that stops at the campground, making it convenient to tour the area.

Upper Stony Creek Campground

Located on the northern area of Hume Lake this smaller campsite, Upper Stony Creek campground offers eleven reservable campsites. It has drinking water, vault toilets and picnic areas available to campers. Here campers can fish or take out non-motorized boats on the lake. There’s also hiking and mountain biking.

Grant Grove Village

If you are looking for a cabin experience you might want to consider Grant Grove Village. This area is home to home to the General Grant Tree, also known as “The Nation’s Christmas Tree.” This is also where you will fin the Kings Canyon Visitor Center, a must-stop for learning about the area. Book lodging at the rustic Grant Grove Cabins, or at the John Muir Lodge.

Sequoia National Park not only has plenty of huge trees and beautiful scenery to explore but plenty of other activities as well. There’s so much to do in fact, that it only makes sense to consider camping at one of the campgrounds found in the park.

If you’ve ever camped underneath the stars at Sequoia National Park before, which campground did you choose and how was your experience?

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