Snowy Day in Vail: Visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs

When you live in the Vail area and it is is snowing on a Sunday, what do most people do? Hit the ski slopes, of course! Not us. Not today. After bouncing around what to do on a quiet Sunday when it is snowing out we somehow landed on the idea of heading over to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs. There is something special about soaking in warm water as snowflakes float above you. But really any time of year is fun. Mineral waters have health attributes too. Here is what to know before you go.

Colorado hot springs and slopeside heated pools can be one of the best parts of a Colorado family vacation. And, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is one of our favorites. Especially on a snowy day.

A snowy day is actually the perfect time for a visit to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs.

The same people who run the Glenwood Caverns and Adventure Park (which we love) opened these hot springs a couple of summers ago. So we were aware of it, just hadn’t been inspired to make it over yet. I really do think we probably chose the perfect day. It was snowing here in Eagle County when we left and started snowing in Glenwood Springs just after we arrived. It wasn’t very crowded, presumably because of the weather. But there’s something pretty special about swimming with big soft snowflakes falling around you.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs has 16 thermal mineral pools for soaking plus a large family pool that is kept between 90-95 degrees (cooler than the other tubs).

There are 16 thermal mineral pools for soaking (98 to 103 degrees) plus a large family pool that is kept between 90-95 degrees (cooler than the other tubs). We kept to the family pool other than a visit to the jetted spa just above the family pool. The kids loved it! It was a great temperature, even for our little guy who hates being cold.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Location

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is located just off the Glenwood Springs exit, right on the river. A free parking lot adjoins the springs.

Is Iron Mountain Hot Springs Family Friendly?

We think so. Parents must accompany their children in the small tubs. That is reasonable. People are there to relax. There is plenty of space in the large family pool to dive and play. No noise restrictions there!

What is the dress code for Iron Mountain Hot Springs?

It is a a family-friendly swimming pool, with mineral water benefits. You shower before entering and wear your swim suit. A robe and some sort of water shoes are ideal.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs – What to Know Before You Go

On a cold day, you will want to be sure to bring towels, robes and some type of swim shoes.
  1. Iron Mountain Hot Springs typically opens at 9 a.m. It gets busy, especially on the weekends. I highly recommend arriving at opening. Try to have it almost to yourselves for a few minutes. Even by 10 am it will become packed.
  2. Kids are very welcome. Children four and under will need to stay in the large family pool and hot tub. That is an area where they can play and splash. There’s a lovely hot tub located just above the family pool which is also open to young kids,
  3. The littles must wear swim diapers.
  4. Ages 5 to 13 need to be with an adult to use the 16 other mineral pools. Those are designated quiet areas. They are also the hottest springs, from around 98 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Bring swimsuits, goggles (for the kids), towels, robes, and some type of water shoes. It is cold getting out of the pool, at least on a cold day. We stayed in the family pool, without getting out, just about the entire time we were there. They do have towels available to rent for $3 at the reception, as well as robes for sale.
  6. Free lockers are available in the locker rooms. October 2019 Update: now you receive a wristband upon entry with a chip in it that locks and unlocks the lockers. No more locking your self out. And, no need to carry around a key. It appears that additional changes are happening to the entry process. There’s a new booth, for lack of a better word, that you walk through upon entry. It wasn’t up and running yet. But I assume that your wristband will give you entry. And, maybe pass holders will even be able to skip the check in desk and walk right through the booth?
  7. The food at the Sporis Café is actually pretty good and reasonably priced. We ordered a couple of flat bread pizzas and they were very fresh. The dining area has a nice warm fireplace and is water friendly. We didn’t need to change out of our bathing suits to eat.
Natural hot springs on the river at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.
Looking out at the river at Iron Mountain Hot Springs at an infinity pool in one of the natural hot springs.

We all really enjoyed our outing to Iron Mountain Hot Springs and will be back!

One of Colorado's natural wonders includes natural hot springs. One of our favorites is located in Glenwood Springs. Iron Mountain Hot Springs. We tend to visit on a cold snowy day and think that might be the best time to go. Find out more about these hot mineral pools. #Colorado #GlenwoodSprings

Have you taken your family to any Colorado hot springs? What did you think? Which were your favorites? This summer I am hoping to experience more of Colorado’s waterfalls and hot springs.

Disclosure: Iron Mountain Hot Springs provided some complimentary tickets for our entry. As always, our opinions are our own.

This is an updated version of an article originally posted in February of 2017.

Our family loves to take advantage of Colorado's natural hot sprigs. Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs is one of our favorite hot springs in Colorado. Here's what to know before you go! #Colorado #HotSprings

Snowy Day in Vail: Visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs
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