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Have you ever thought about taking a train through Royal Gorge? It’s an unforgettable and relaxing experience that you don’t want to miss out on. The Royal Gorge is a beautiful canyon that stretches for several miles through the Canon City section of Colorado, located a short drive from Colorado Springs in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado.

If you’re riding on a train through the Royal Gorge region, you can see some unforgettable sights while spending quality time with loved ones. The Royal Gorge Route Railroad offers excellent opportunities for people of all ages to join in on the fun and excitement. This is one of many stunning train rides through the Colorado Rockies. But the only one that takes you through the Royal Gorge with 1000+ foot cliffs on either side, rafters running the river right beside the train and the sight of the Royal Gorge Bridge 1000 feet above.

The Royal Gorge Bridge as seen from the train through Royal Gorge.
The Royal Gorge Bridge as seen from the train through Royal Gorge.

What Is the Royal Gorge Route Railroad?

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad is a railroad designed to take sightseers on a trip for several hours to see the area from different angles and perspectives. Instead of driving, you can ride on the train, relax, and take in all that scenery surrounding it. You’ll get to see stunning cliffs and more of nature’s beauty during the ride.

Four departures typically take place each day of the week. You can decide if you’d like to ride the train in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night! So whether you’re an early bird or someone who prefers going out at night, you have the option to choose when you want to ride the train.

Views from the windows of the historic railroad cars of the Royal Gorge Railroad.

How Long Is the Trip?

A Royal Gorge Route Railroad trip typically lasts for 2.5 hours. It’s not too short yet not too long, so you can expect to have a good time without feeling like it went by too fast. You can spend those hours staring out the window at the scenery while enjoying the delicious food prepared by skilled chefs and served to riders on the train. You won’t need to worry about bringing snacks along with you for the journey because you can have a three-course meal instead.

What to Eat While on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad

There are even cars on this railroad that make for a formal dinner train. You can have a lovely dinner served to you in a historic train car while enjoying the scenery passing by. Splurge on the Vista Dome for the best views.

delicious food aboard train through royal gorge
The salmon was a delicious choice for entree aboard the train through Royal Gorge.

Not sure what you can eat while you’re riding on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad? Not only can you see many new things, but you can enjoy the chance to choose from an impressive menu full of flavorful meals for guests. Some of the options featured on the menu include:

  • Prime Rib. Enjoy the savory taste of prime rib cooked low and slow to perfection before being plated and served with a side of fresh vegetables.
  • Atlantic Salmon. If you don’t eat meat, but you do like seafood, Atlantic salmon is another great option on the menu. Be sure to choose from the perfect sides to eat with it.
  • Vegetarian Wellington. You can even find incredible vegetarian options with this wellington dish made with the freshest and finest ingredients.

These are only some of the foods featured on the menu. All guests will have access to fresh salads and French rolls throughout the journey. The chef will also prepare a tasty dessert for guests to enjoy after the meal. So you can expect to finish the ride through Royal Gorge with a full stomach.

Can Children Ride on the Train?

Children are welcome to ride on the train with their loved ones. The train ride through Royal Gorge is an excellent experience for people of all ages, including seniors, adults, teens, and little ones. If you have a child who loves trains and how they operate, your little one will look forward to seeing such amazing sights from the windows of this comfortable and inviting train.

Tickets for children typically cost a bit less than the price of tickets for adults, but it does depend on the age of the children.

Are There Any Special Events?

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad hosts many special events for tourists looking to make the most of their trip. There are romantic events planned for Valentine’s Day that are perfect for couples wanting to have an incredible date night without the children. Along with Valentine’s Day, special events often occur on New Year’s Eve, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

It’s common for the company to offer murder mystery train rides that make the experience even more fun. If you’re into murder mysteries, you’re going to love this event when it takes place.

There’s also a special Santa Express train during the holiday season.

The tracks of the train through Royal Gorge run along the river as seen from the bridge above.

Is There a Shop for Souvenirs?

There is a shop available for guests to buy souvenirs to remind them of this unforgettable train ride through Royal Gorge.

Ceramic Mugs

Want to drink from a mug that reminds you of this unforgettable experience? Check out the impressive selection of ceramic mugs and assorted knick-knacks that you can buy and use as decorations in the home.

Printed T-Shirts

The gift shop has printed graphic t-shirts with trains and other fun designs displayed on the front. These shirts are available in many sizes, and you’ll find options for both adults and kids in different colors.


You may be surprised to see some beautiful pieces of jewelry at the gift shop. You can get something nice for yourself or for that particular person in your life.

Mini Trains and Toys

Don’t forget about the mini trains and other train-related toys available in the gift shop. You can get mini trains to use for decorative purposes or buy train toys for the children to remind them of the trip.

The shop offers everything you could want to buy and bring back home with you to remind you of your trip. Souvenirs are available for people of all ages, including toys for children to play with when they get home.

Steps from the Royal Gorge Route Railroad Station is a beautiful park.

Experience the Train Ride Through Royal Gorge

If you love trains and would like to experience Royal Gorge and its natural beauty, be sure to book a train ride. You can take the Royal Gorge Route Railroad to spend a little over two hours riding and dining with loved ones. It’s a great trip to take with your significant other, best friend, or the entire family.

You can see incredible sights, get a feel for what the area has to offer, and learn a lot along the way. Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy an incredible three-course meal while you’re on the journey.

Stunning Royal Gorge Train Ride on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad

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