Woody greets visitors to Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios Disney World. Photo: Disney parks

Our family had the privilege of attending a special preview of the all new Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios park in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida this past week (June 28-29, 2018). Toy Story movie was the first animated feature that was completely created on a computer. It was released in 1995 and I have vivid memories of seeing it in the theater even though I was in my early 20s and didn’t have kids at the time. This classic film was also the very first Pixar-Disney collaboration.  The new Toy Story Land, or Andy’s backyard, is a colorful playground for your imagination. From Toy Story Land Rides to  green army men, here’s what you won’t find in this colorful Land, and also what you will find.

New characters will likely be coming to Toy Story Land now that the new Toy Story 4 movie is out. Be sure to check it out too!

As an update, we’ve now visited Toy Story Land twice. This colorful land is fun for the entire family. Toy Story Land rides are fun for all ages. There’s much to enjoy here. Read on to find out what you will and won’t find in Toy Story Land.

What you WON’T find at Toy Story Land

#1: Andy

Toy Story Land is set in Andy’s backyard. And, while you might find traces of Andy, such as his very large footprint, Andy won’t be anywhere to be found. But his toys will be, and you can experience being one of his toys as you explore the park.

Fun on the Slinky Dog Dash at Toy Story Land.
Family fun for all ages on the Slinky Dog Dash.

#2: Scary Rides

Kids of all ages and thrill-seeking levels can enjoy the two new rides in Andy’s backyard, as well as an improved Toy Story Mania. The rides in Andy’s Backyard are colorful, fun and provide thrills without scary surprises. Guests can hop on Slinky Dog for a family-friendly roller coaster ride, take a spin with the little green Aliens from Pizza Planet and go for the high score in midway games populated by beloved Toy Story toys.

We had the privilege of being one of the first to visit Toy Story Land opening in Hollywood Studios at Disney World in Orlando. Here's what to expect and insider tips on rides new and old. To infinity & beyond! #ToyStoryLand #TMOMDisney #TMOM #HollywoodStudios #DisneyWorld #DisneyLove #Disney

What you WILL find at Toy Story Land

#1: Characters Galore

I have no idea how often these engaging Toy Story characters will make appearances, but these were the most fun and interactive characters that we have encountered. Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Slinky Dog and lots of Green Army Men all join you to play in Andy’s backyard. The Green Army Patrol march through the land, playing games with guests in a fun and interactive boot camp. I had the opportunity to play ball with them, while my fellow TravelingMom joined the Green Army Drum Corps on the drums.

Posing with a green army man, after playing ball.

#2: Toy Story Land Rides = Family Friendly Rides

Slinky Dog Dash is a fun and smooth roller coaster with some steep drops and fast curves. Taking a spin on the Alien Swirling Saucers with the little green Aliens from Pizza Planet in toy rocket ships with guests in tow isn’t likely to make you sick like some spinning rides can do. I was hesitant to go on the ride for this reason. But I wanted back on as soon as it ended. Our favorite of the rides, Toy Story Mania! has a colorful all-new entrance and more capacity with all the whimsical fun its always had. I’m not sure if I had more fun with my fellow TravelingMoms or my family on this ride. But I could see our family riding it over and over for high scoring bragging rights.

Our family riding the Alien Swirling Saucers at Toy Story Land.

#3: Family Friendly Food

Umbrellas cover tables with colorful chairs, including some in a Babybel design at Woody’s Lunchbox which is propped open by a giant thermos. Menu items from the Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich and Totchos (potato barrels, corn chips, chili and queso bites) to Lunch Box Tarts and S’more French Toast are sure to be family-pleasers.

Lunch at Woody’s Lunchbox. Photo: Courtesy Disney Parks

What Ages is Toy Story Land Best For

Many of us who are now parents have memories of when the first Toy Story movie came out. This Disney land at Hollywood Studios will be loved by all ages. The rides are not scary, in our opinion. As long as your child meets height requirements they should enjoy the rides.

Now that you know that you want to work Toy Story Land into your plans for you and even your toddler or preschool aged kids, what about Star Wars Land? Our friends over at Mom Rewritten have the scoop on what you need to know about visiting Galaxy’s Edge with toddlers and preschoolers.

All About the Details

Disney Imagineering and  storytelling partners at Pixar Animation Studios thought of every detail as they designed Andy’s backyard that opened to the public June 30, 2018. Oversized Sheriff Woody welcomes “honorary toys” to his backyard as he leans on a tall assemblage of colorful wooden blocks, next to Andy’s large footprint. A world of toys surrounds guests: Tinkertoys, yo-yos, giant building blocks, board-game pieces, Scrabble tiles and more.

Even the restrooms at Toy Story Land are made of toys.

Insider Tips for Toy Story Land

  • Book your lodging in advance (60+ days) and stay at a Disney hotel property, so that you can have access to Fast Passes. Book one of your Fast Passes for the Slinky Dog Dash. It sure to be popular for quite a while.
  • Your Disney World park hopper tickets give you access to Toy Story Land, as well the other lands located in Hollywood Studios and the other Disney Orlando Parks. Star Wars Land opened in August of 2019 in Hollywood Studios, so make plans to visit there too, even if only to immerse yourself in this other-worldy land.
  • Get lunch at Woody’s Lunchbox, a perfect place for a family-friendly meal.
  • Go to Toy Story Land both during the day and at night. The ambiance changes dramatically and both are fun.
  • Purchase some toys as souvenirs. The slinky dog head bands are super cute. Your kids are sure to want the Buzz bubble blower and other fun toys. But… if you get the Buzz bubble blower be sure to not bring it through airport security. Pack it in your checked luggage.
  • Buy into Disney’s Photo Pass if you want fun photos of the family riding the rides.

Note: We attended the Toy Story Land Media event in conjunction with TravelingMom and tickets and hotel were covered by Disney Parks. But as always, our opinions are our own.

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