Meow Wolf Denver's Convergence Station

Denver is a fun family weekend getaway from the mountains. Just a couple of hours drive down the hill provides access to a metropolitan area with tremendous art, culture and entertainment. Due to the pandemic we haven’t had the opportunity to make this fun trek down the hill in recent months. So we were ecstatic to have a new reason to do so — Meow Wolf’s new Convergence Station!

The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station is one of our favorite Denver hotels for families. It also makes the perfect home base for visiting Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station.

The hotel is offering a Meow Wolf experience that includes complimentary transportation to Meow Wolf in the hotel’s Tesla. The package also offers a couple of out-of-this-world drinks at Cooper Lounge overlooking the bustling Union Station lobby.

Denver Unions Station and The Crawford Hotel at night.

The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station

This unique luxury hotel is set in the historic Denver Union Station. I can remember when Union Station was a dilapidated building with not much more than the Winter Park Ski Train running out of it. The Union Station Alliance (McWhinney, Sage Hospitality, Larimer Associates, ReGen LLC and Urban Neighborhoods) came in and truly did an amazing job restoring the historic building to its former glory. It is now home to The Crawford Hotel, the romantic Cooper Bar, several wonderful restaurants, and even a satellite version of the beloved Tattered Cover bookstore.

Balconies circle the upper stories of the train station providing a birds eye view of the waiting passengers and bustle of activity below. Massive beautiful chandeliers provide light as a grand clock keeps time. Passengers socialize or sip coffee and drinks on wooden benches and grand couches below. During the holidays a tall Christmas tree brightens the lobby.

Corner double queen room at The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station
Corner double queen room at The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station.

Out back, trains arrive and depart as travelers make their way to different destinations. Out front, people dine on patios year round, and in the summer meander through a farmer’s market and cool off in the splash pad.

The Crawford Hotel offers guests a comfortable place not only to rest weary heads, but also an interesting and grand place from which to explore the city. Several types of rooms accommodate different sizes of groups.

Our family enjoyed a corner double queen room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the front of the station. In November, autumn leaves still offered color to the trees outside. Inside, the spacious room and bathroom offered every attention to detail. An old school camera was available for use and an antique looking radio provided music while a modern espresso machine was waiting to brew a rich cup to start the morning.

Meow Wolf cocktail from The Cooper Lounge and The Crawford Hot
The special Meow Wolf cocktail at Cooper Lounge that is a part of the Meow Wolf package at The Crawford Hotel.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe: House of Eternal Returns

Our family first experienced Meow Wolf Santa Fe in 2017. At the time we had NO idea of what to expect. We found it a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory place of discovery and imagination that was born of art. Part amusement park and part art experience, it is housed in an old bowling alley. Facing an old house, visitors step up to the front porch and enter through the front door. Visitors explore the house, checking out the living room, kitchen, dining room or laundry room or head upstairs.

It engaged all of our senses and left us wanting more. Fortunately, now there is more, both in Denver and Las Vegas.

The lobby of Convergence Station.

Meow Wolf Denver: Convergence Station

So, our entire family was beyond excited to get to explore the new Denver Meow Wolf Convergence Station. Here, Colorado-based artists have brought a different story to life in a much larger space. In a building that rises from a triangle space between the intersection of Denver’s busiest highways.

Convergence Station is a different experience than Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Returns in Santa Fe. Of course, that is to be expected. It is home to a different story.

But also our kids are different ages than when we first explored the House of Eternal Returns. The one thing that didn’t change was how hard it was to keep up with them as they moved between the different worlds.

Beauty at Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station.

In my childhood, art seemed so static and, quite frankly, boring. My parents took me to the Louvre, and other museums that I should have had great appreciation for. I didn’t.

Meow Wolf is a transformative kind of melding of art and entertainment. Visitors are expected not just to quietly look. But to experience. To touch. To play.

Convergence Station is all of this, just as House of Eternal Returns is. It is the perfect way to introduce kids to art. And to cultivate a love for all of the arts in one place.

Sitting on the back deck of a houseboat in a room that played music on different instruments affixed to the ceiling as our son attempted to unravel a mystery in the boat may have been my favorite place. But driving the QDOT bus on C Street may have been his. Surprisingly the meditation room was our teen daughter’s favorite as it offered a quiet respite before back to explorations.

The ideal place for meditation after running from world to world at Convergence Station.

One of the things I most appreciated about the art in Convergence Station was the canvas. So much of the installations were created from trash, or old recycled electronics. Old made new, and kept out of the landfill.

While we explored Convergence Station for almost three hours, I certainly felt that we barely scratched the surface of the story. It is certainly a place that we will be able to enjoy and experience in different ways again in the future.

Ultimately Meow Wolf provides a journey through a story and each person’s journey may be different.

Denver’s Most Unique Transportation Hub: Union Station or Convergence Station?

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