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Have you thought about exploring Telluride’s via ferrata? If you’re an experienced climber, you may look forward to this quest to test your skills and patience with rock climbing this challenging mountain wall, also known as the Krogerata. While it’s not ideal for beginners, you can have success on it when you’re experienced, wearing the proper gear, and taking the necessary steps to enjoy a safe trek. Or, climbing with an experienced guide. Plus who could resist seeing the beauty of the San Juan Mountains from the perspective of via ferrata Telluride?

Completed in 2007, this was the first via ferrata in Colorado. Unlike many of the new via ferrata courses, this one is open to the public. You do not have to hire a guide. But… Without proper equipment and knowledge of climbing and safety rules, this would not be a safe experience. Particularly on this route. Be sure to hire a guide who can also provide all of the gear that you need to stay safe while enjoying this amazing challenge.

In recent years many other via ferratas have popped up throughout Colorado. The mountainous state is an ideal location for them. They attract the state’s adventurous population, as well as visitors from around the world. We recently took on the Royal Gorge via ferrata and it was a bucket list experience, for sure.

What Is the Via Ferrata Telluride Experience Like?

Start by making your way to Bridal Veil Falls Road. You’re going to travel this road to park your vehicle before heading off on your climbing adventure. When you first arrive in the area, you can start the journey at Ingram Creek and work your way across the mountain wall, where you’ll eventually end up on Marshall Creek. 

It might sound as simple as it gets, but this is a complicated wall, so you need to make sure you’re taking your time as you work on getting across it. Be sure to enjoy some of the most amazing views during your climb. It’s what makes the experience more enjoyable.

What Will I Need to Wear?

Be sure to have the necessary protective gear to keep yourself safe while you’re climbing. It’s best to wear a helmet to protect your head. Small and large rocks can fall from the mountain wall while you’re climbing, and you wouldn’t want them to hit you in the head as they fall to the ground because that could knock you off the mountain and leave you unconscious. 

Besides wearing a helmet, you’ll need climbing gloves to keep your hands and fingers protected and a sturdy climbing harness. You should also have the lanyards and locking locking carabiners that you can attach to climbing cables. And, sticky shoes will make this experience so much easier.

Don’t attempt to climb Telluride’s Via Ferrata unless you have the right gear with you. Via ferrata equipment is quite specific.

Is It Good To Have a Guide on the Climbing Adventure?

You don’t need to have a guide while on this trip, but it will make the experience safer and likely less stressful. If you don’t have much experience with the area, even if you’re good at climbing, it helps to head out on the adventure with someone who has done it before. 

The guide can make sure you’re wearing the proper protective gear and taking the best steps to get to each point. At some point, you’ll end up at least 500 feet above ground level. It’s far better to have an experienced guide with you than to go alone, primarily if an emergency occurs and you need help.

If you choose to try your hand at Telluride’s via ferrata consider helping to keep the route free and open to the public by donating to the Via Ferrata Sustainability Fund through the Telluride Mountain Club. Should you hire a guide they may have already worked in a $5 per person donation. Be sure to ask and feel free to donate more if you have the capability.

If you’re an experienced climber looking for a challenge, Telluride’s via ferrata is worth a try. Before you start scaling the mountain wall, be sure to have protective gear to keep yourself safe. Also, consider going out with a guide who can help you get through this challenging mountain wall path. It can take several hours for you to get from one side to the other, but if you enjoy climbing adventures, you’ll love every minute of this unique experience.

Via Ferrata Telluride
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