Why Beaver Creek is the Locals’ Choice for Ski Lessons

Living within 30 miles of two of the best ski resorts in the country, Vail and Beaver Creek, is certainly a privilege. Our ski passes are valid for both Vail and Beaver Creek. Before children our obvious choice of ski resorts to ski was Vail. But, now there’s a dilemma. Our kids grew up skiing Beaver Creek, so that’s where they want to ski. And, why did they grow up skiing Beaver Creek? Well because Beaver Creek Ski School is the local’s choice for ski lessons.

From a wide variety of fantastic beginner terrain to fun trick parks and glades carved out just for kids, Beaver Creek knows how to welcome families.

Terrain for Learning to Ski

Beaver Creek mountain views are spectacular.
The views at Beaver Creek are spectacular, and can be seen from beginner areas.

The terrain at Beaver Creek is great for learning to ski, and always has been. But it continues to get better and better. Last year Beaver Creek replaced a two-seater lift that was a little scary with a high-speed four-seater lift. This gives skiers better access to Red Buffalo Park at the top of the mountain. Red Buffalo Park boasts beginner terrain comprised of wide open cruisers and spectacular views. Kids love Jack Rabbit Alley with wagons and tepees to ski through, all in the midst of the forest.

A couple of years ago the learning area at the base of the Mountain, Buckaroo Bowl was rebranded to Haymeadow Park. A gondola takes skiers partway up the mountain to an area with several magic carpets. No need to take an open ski lift for your first ride. Haymeadow Park utilizes natural and man-made features to create a fun learning experience for beginners.

mccoy park in beaver creek colorado
McCoy Park on Beaver Creek Mountain.

In 2022, Beaver Creek added a whole new peak to the ski area, McCoy Park. This expansion added another 250 acres of skiable terrain to the resort. These new trails are mostly green, with a few blues, so beginner terrain. But they are reminiscent of Vail’s Back Bowls, with the wide open spaces, trees, fun jumps and more. Just much less steep and challenging. Perfect for kids still gaining their ski confidence.

Ripperoo's Cabin in Beaver Creek is a fun stop for the kids.
Kids will love making a stop at Ripperoo’s Cabin in Beaver Creek.

Fun Discoveries on the Mountain

Ripperoo’s Cabin is full of intrigue for the kids. They can check his mailbox and explore the cabin. Maybe if they are lucky he will even be home. There’s a tunnel and some other fun turns along the way where ski instructors leave candy trails at times. Kids are also sure to love Ghost Town.

Ski Mountain Treats

There’s not much better a treat than a warm chocolate chip cookie as you come off the mountain, except maybe one as you are heading up. Fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies are served at the base of the mountain at 3 p.m. daily. And, lately we’ve even spotted these cookies out around 8:30 – 9 am. As if that wasn’t enough, Haymeadow Park now has a cookie cabin for ski school participants. And, once your kids are an intermediate level skier they will probably twist your arm to take them over to  splurge at Candy Cabin.

Enjoying warm chocolate chip cookies at Beaver Creek.
Warm chocolate chip cookies greet skiers as they come off the mountain at 3 p.m. at Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek Ski School

The Beaver Creek Ski School is first class. Both of our kiddos have had wonderful ski instructors at Beaver Creek. Our son’s ski instructor at one point convinced him that his wipeouts were backflips. So he was stoked to tell his family all about them at the end of the day.

There are a couple of programs that make the ski school a little less expensive and that work best for local kids. There’s a Form Your Own Team (FYOT) option and then Beavo that run consecutive weekends.

Beaver Creek Ski School offers kid and adult, group and private ski and snowboard lessons. Be sure to call 970-754-5300 to book yours in advance.

Beaver Creek Ski School has also known to offer signature programs that sound fantastic, like Ski Girls Rock.

Where Else in Colorado to Learn to Ski?

Beaver Creek is not the cheapest option to places to learn to ski. Actually it is quite the opposite. When our son was younger we took him up to a smaller resort just a little further up the mountain, Ski Cooper. There are several of these smaller, more laid back ski resorts in Colorado. They are great places to learn to ski also, and for more affordable prices. If you can swing it, Beaver Creek should be your choice. But, don’t fear, these smaller, more affordable ski resorts have a special charm too.

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We live within 30 miles of two of the best ski resorts in the country -- Vail and Beaver Creek. Vail is my favorite to ski but Beaver Creek is the local's choice for ski lessons. Here’s why your kids will want to learn to ski at Beaver Creek! #Vail #BeaverCreek #Skiing

Why Beaver Creek is the Locals’ Choice for Ski Lessons

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