zip line royal gorge 1200 feet above the river below

Royal Gorge, a magnificent canyon with a width of 50 feet and a depth of 1250 feet, is a popular hot spot in Colorado. When traveling to the area, people often want to stop at Royal Gorge to experience its natural beauty. There are several ways to experience views of the gorge itself. But the most adrenaline inducing may be to zip line Royal Gorge itself.

If you’d love to feel like a bird flying over the canyon with some of the most amazing views on a thrilling adventure, this activity is a must-do of the many fun things to do in Canon City, Colorado.

The Royal Gorge Bridge.

Cloudscraper Zip Line at Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

We have visited the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park a couple of times. Our first time at the park we took the gondola across and walked the bridge back. We didn’t dare try the Cloudscraper Zip Line or Skycoaster. Of course, the high winds that closed down those attractions gave us the perfect excuse. But really the kids just weren’t interested.

I still think you really do have to be brave (or crazy) to try the Skycoaster and pull a rope to swing yourself our above the Gorge and river over 1,200 feet below.

But the Cloudscraper Zip Line isn’t quite so scary. On our second visit that was adults only, I gave it a go.

You ride the gondola over to the other side of the gorge, head up the stairs. Get situated on the seats. Buckle in. The attendant checks the buckles and before you know what is happening you are soaring across the gorge. While suspended 1200 feet above ground level, you then ride over Royal Gorge and the Arkansas River. Once your racing heart has slowed there is actually time to sit back and enjoy the views before swinging into the platform across the gorge.

While you’re riding, you feel like you’re on a comfortable swing with a protective harness keeping you safe for the thrilling journey across the gorge.

coming in to the finish of zip line royal gorge
Coming in hot on the Cloudscraper Zipline at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. Photo courtesy Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

Things to Know About Ziplining Royal Gorge Cloudscraper Zipline

There are a few things to know before you go.

  • At the time of publication the Cloudscraper was an additional cost of $45 per person.
  • You must be 10 years or older to ride.
  • Riders must be 4′ 0″ and 6′ 8″ tall and weigh between 100 to 245 lbs, though wind conditions may change these requirements.
  • Two riders go at a time.

Other Royal Gorge Ziplining Experiences

The Royal Gorge Zip Line Tour with Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours & Rafting is another top-rated option in the area. The Classic Course is a visitor favorite.

It’s great for anyone, including those who haven’t experienced riding on a zip line in the past. However, the company also offers the Extreme Zip Line Course. It’s a high-speed course for those who aren’t afraid of heights! 

The Classic Course consists of nine lines, and the Extreme Zip Line Course consists of 11 lines to ride on at speeds of up to 55 mph! Professionals carefully designed these courses to maximize the experience for those riding the lines. You can expect to enjoy the scenery and the excitement surrounding being so high above ground level.

Insider Tip: While in the area, be sure to check out white water rafting Royal Gorge!

Is It Safe to Ride the Lines Over Royal Gorge?

Ziplining adventures in the Colorado area are incredibly safe. The companies offering these adventures provide safety gear to ensure that they are safe and protected while on their journey. Even if you’re feeling nervous due to heights, a tour guide can head out on the lines with you to put your mind at ease. It’s a fun experience worth doing at least once in your lifetime.

Enjoy an Adventurous Zip Line Tour

If you’d like to get your adrenaline pumping while getting the best view of Royal Gorge, consider riding on a zip line. During your journey on the line, you would wear protective gear. You’ll also enjoy some unique views and might even learn new things about the area.

Zip Line Royal Gorge? Yes, I did!

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